Hi, my subserous uterine fibroid size is 7 cm post delivery - April 2016. at the time of pregnancy it was 8 cm - April 2015 . it has hardly reduced I would like to know is the surgery only alternative and if yes how long can I wait before going for surgery.Also In case if there are some other alternatives pls guide.

hi.. I have fibriod. during my 1st scan on mar 2008 only 1 was detected. by may 2008 it showed 3... and Nov there grown to 5 plus.. I got operated on Feb 2009...
post my delivery when I did scan in 2012.. there was one tiny fibriod.. recently again 3 are showing

as per doc even after operation fibroid comes back again.. you have to get the uterus out..

still you can check with your gyno to confirm.

Thanks Cecilia

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