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" Pregnancy is full of surprises! Share a funny surprise/ something unexpected that happened when you were expecting."

Well its proven that babies can listen to sounds while in the womb. I had a gala time catching up on all my TV shows and I watched an overdose of Friends and Big Bang theory while I was pregnant.
The miracle occurred when my baby would kick or move everytime the Friends theme would come on. Maybe I imagined it then but till date my now almost 11 m old son leaves all his toys and is transfixed to the TV when the Friends title song plays

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during my first trimester..... when I started vomiting my Hubby curiously asked..... are you serious.... aisa main filmo mei he dekha hu..... and we both can't stop laughing

Haha both Pl share your experiences on feed :)

Neha how do I do that pls guide me.

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