Well its proven that babies can listen to sounds while in the womb. I had a gala time catching up on all my TV shows and I watched an overdose of Friends and Big Bang theory while I was pregnant.

The miracle occurred when my baby would kick or move everytime the Friends theme would come on. Maybe I imagined it then but till date my now almost 11 m old son leaves all his toys and is transfixed to the TV when the Friends title song plays! Proof lies in the picture!

Haha that would have been fun! let's see whose characteristics does ur little one pick up. Leonard, Sheldon or Famous Koothrapalli!!

he watches Friends for now. TBBT not yet hooked on to...LOL

HahaHaha. Same here.
Watched back to back episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when I was pregnant. And guess what ..... sometimes I feel, my daughter runs like Pheobe.

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