My baby girl was born weighing 3.5 kgs and was discharged weighing 3.2 kgs.

Now she is a month old and she weighs 3.7 kgs.It was a normal delivery and I have been feeding her since day 1.

Can someone enlighten me on whether the weight gain is normal?

ntng to were baby wt again it ll be come

Hi Akanksha. This is what BabyChakra expert Dr Riddhi Chandarana has to say

Hey , as per recommendations , baby needs to gain 1 kg per month . They have a weight loss in the first initial 7-10 days following which they regain back their birth weight by the 14-15 th day . So ideally its 1 kg per month gain needed . The weight gain must have not happened as the Weight loss that she has had is also more .
For adequate weight gain , it's a must to check
- is the baby latching well ?
- how frequent are the feeds ?
- what is the stool and urine output in a day of 24 hours ?
This will help us to know if the baby is getting enough milk & how is the weight gain !

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