I hv constipation n gas wit bad smell probs after delivery n olso vaginal farting sound olso coming sometimes..pls give me some solutions..

Simi try some home remedies. also is ur food ok? plus are u doing any physical activity?

Hi Simi, as Neha said try some home remedies.U can take luke warm water for drinking, take more fibre diet.. like eat fruits without pealing.For Ur vaginal problem, do kegel's ( pelvic floor exercises) regularly.. take care

I also had d same prob,eat papaya, it will help u alot.u will not hav constipated motion.n u can olso try one more thing - take a pinch of heeng n put in 1 or 2 spoons of hot water, when d heeng melts, consume dat water n drink nrml water after having dat as ur d heeng will taste bitter, dobdis 2. times a day on empty stomach n remember to hav nrml water n not cold water.

Pl do exercises with advise if u have recently delivered. how much time since ?

n for vaginal problem, u can do exercise such as contracting ur vagina n den loosing it, n dis problem will go away in a few days, not to worry :)

Neha its 3 n hlf months after my normal delivery bt now adays I'm nt doing any physical activities

Simi, this is what BabyChakra expert Dr Riddhi Chandarana has to say:

" Vaginal farting is normal after childbirth .
If it's a natural childbirth , then she can start walking for 45 mins . And start with postnatal yoga as well .
If it's a c section she can only continue with walking.
For gas , try and consume lime water with honey or Ajwain water with Jaggery which can help .
Also consume meals every 2 hours & avoid eating fermented food".

Does this help?

Thnks neha I wl definitely try.. N pls tell me hw to do post natal yoga

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