Happy #worldbreastfeedingweek Mamas! Whether you did it for a while, for a long time or not at all, its a decision only a mother can take because she know the best for her baby. Don’t listen to people around you and do what You think is good for you and your baby.
Overall my breastfeeding journey was a sweet one. When Zuzu was brought to me for his first feed I didn’t know a thing. He was not latching properly and initially the supply was too less too. For the initial days that we were in the hospital each feed was a task. I thought like I had heard from almost everyone around me I am gonna have to switch to top feed too but I so didn’t want to. My doctor then suggested a couple of medicines and home remedies to follow and thankfully the supply was plenty. I breastfed Zuzu exclusively for 6 months and once he started solids it was as per his need. It was indeed a different feeling which only a mother can feel. We would talk, play and bond during those feeding sessions. Sometimes when he would look me in the eye, Oh! How beautiful it was. However, by the 10th month it was becoming too difficult for me as I had cracked nipples, backaches. So more than a pleasure it was becoming a pain. I tried nipple shields but Zuzu wouldn’t take it at all. I tried a lot of things to fix that but nothing worked. And apart from the pain it was getting difficult at night as he would wake up literally every hour which was too stressful.
I had read that breastfeeding journey of every mom is different and you should continue for as long as it is working for you both. Be it 6 months, 2years or more. I think we both were ready to wean. I first stopped the day feed which was pretty easy and then night feed took a week - 10 days. We were consistent and my husband helped a lot for the night wean. We would both take turns to rock him to sleep when he woke up at night for the feeds. By this time these hourly night feeds were more for comfort than hunger as explained to us by the doc. As per his suggestion we increased his solid food intake a bit and monitored his day sleep. It worked. He started sleeping through the night within a few days.
We used formula (top feed) only for cerelac because he didn’t like the taste of it as is. He had enough milk products to get his calcium though.
By age 1 we started the cow milk.
For whatever time I did it I enjoyed it and when we wanted to stop we did. And I have no regrets. It was good while it lasted.
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This is beautiful dear!! not sure how did i miss this! Can you please tag me in your future posts?

Khushboo Chouhan Thankyou dear. Sure will do :)

sovarani panda (Rosy) Thankyou 🤗

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