Hello everyone , my baby boy is of one month old.He z Having severe cough.Though I have used medicines it hasn't came down...It would be of great help if u suggest some tips r home remedies.

keep ajwain potli close to baby...

While ur bathing with ur little one under warm shower, sit at a distance away from shower wid ur baby on d lap n let d steam get inhaled..Moist steam helps in reliving cough n soothes airway.However if cough severe thn dont treat at home by urself, ther could be an element of allergic spasm so better get baby's chest checked by a paediatrician n get prescription of nebulization as required.
As per adviced by Dr Sushanta

we r taking nebulization also..

Give him mild hot massage on his chest with hot electric bag n if possible apply little vicks on his chest

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