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** True incident **
Teaching kids About GOOD TOUCH & BAD TOUCH needs to start at early age itself.
I have been teaching my son about privacy and touch since he was 2 years old.
There is my article also on Babychakra in English & Hindi.. will share links in comments.
So this happened some time back when my son joined new school where he meets older kids too.
A kid, just one year elder, asked my son in bus to touch his "private parts" saying it's a fun game..
So to this my son remarked- NO! ONLY MUMMA TOUCHES !!
The boy got scared, may be, and told my son not to tell mumma..
But thanks to God, my son shares with me, as I have developed this habbit in him, that he is supposed to share EVERYTHING with mumma.
So he comes home and tells this the first thing.. I got a shock of my life!
How a kid so small can say such things!!
Does he even understands the meaning!!
And why he asked not tell mom..!!
I consoled my son that he did the right thing by shouting NO and next time, he shud inform the bus nanny.
I wrote email to teacher regarding this and got call from school and bus nanny both.. the nanny then promised to be more attentive and my son gradually forgot and again became friends with that boy.
But i keep enquiring in between.. whether he or any other child says such things.
They were als taught about GOOD & BAD TOUCH and how to respond by Role Play in school..
I have enrolled my son for Karate Classes as well.
We need to prepRe them for all the situations.. we can't keep them in a cocoon and hamper their development..
KEEP TALKING to your kid
TEACH not only difference but also how to REACT .
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Oh my God! Just yesterday I wrote a post about bullying.. that kid wasn't more than 5 yrs too. Where is the world heading to? It's very important to teach kids about all this, so that they stand up for themselves, and build trust in them so that they can share everything with us freely. My daughter is very small now, but I do make it a point to talk to her everyday, tell her about all this. Children should know what's right and what's wrong.
I've decided to get her enrolled in any self defence class once she grows a bit.

Akanksha Bhuri yeah just read ur post and then only thought of sharing this incident. May b they r learning bullying from some cartoons or surroundings

Oh my god,very surprised to read this ,that how can a small kid at this age can talk like this?What will be the future of these kids??
Anyways Good share n thanks for sharing

Ohh my!! I'm actually still thinking on how to react... it's such an alarming situation this is...glad that u had prepared your boy ... N he's smart 👍👍

Mahima Atishaya yes I was dumb fr sometime. And honestly didn't expect my boy to react this way.

Sania Bhushan seriously worried abt the same

I can I was sharing this earlier too ... I too taught Aarav good touch and bad touch about 2-3 months before he started school and who can clean him up at school and other things... So my mom had come to visit us and Aarav had just come out after using the washroom and needed to wear his underpants... While trying to grab him my mom's hand accidentally fell near his groin...and tats it he started shouting at her saying don't you knw u shouldn't be touching me there it's only Mumma or papa only while I use washroom or for bath...she was moved and startled and apologised... later I explained to her y he reacted like that... So yes y I shared this is it's so important for us to prepare them in everyway... 👍👍👍 Kinshoo (momlearningwithbaby)

yes right dear ..Me bhi mere kid ko ye knowledge deti hu ...

Glad your kid reacted great! Sending blessings to your kiddo

Your kid reacted the right way

Thank u Himali Parikh Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan Bhavna Anadkat

Mahima Atishaya very good that he understands it well. Kudos momma.

Ohh he is smart that he is sharing each n everything with you...

Thnq so much dear 😊

A must explain topic to all kids

That's so smart of him. Its very important to teach them good and bad touch.

Smart mom and smart boy indeed.

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