Hello Mommies, here are my tips for sustainable world which we follow and make my son also to see and follow then too. I would be happier if you too follow some of them and found them useful.
1. Use of paper and cloth bags instead of polythene.
2. Keeping potted plants in houses. Watering them regularly. I involve my son too. It's his favourite outdoor activity which he does daily twice or thrice.
3. Recycling newspapers and magazines. I use them to cover my son's toys and books. Also he speaks aloud the letters so that gives me both learning as well as engaging activity for him.
4. Using stairs instead of lifts whenever possible.
5. Driving at a slower speed both to ensure safety and consume less fuel.
6. Share as much as we can. I share my son's toys, books, activity kits etc. This way he gets to have a variety of stuff to play with and learns to share his things with others and also saves me a lot of money.
7. Storing and drying watermelon and muskmelon seeds. We dry them and then plant in soil.
8. Bathing with bucket of water and mug rather than shower as shower consumes more water.
9. Keep a watch over switches and plug points when not in use. I remove all my chargers, tv plug and other appliance before leaving home. In fact sometimes my son switches off the TV with the remote whenever I tell him to do so.
10. All shopping, bookings and billing we do online to have paperless transaction all over.
11. I keep kitchen dustbin separate and other things separate so that I can dump the kitchen waste usefully to make into compost.
12. Inculcate the above habits in my son as well as we believe the future lies with our next generation.
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Thanks a lot @kavita sahani

Very useful post Rashi

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