Hello Mommies and Daddies, here I am sharing 5 ways of happy parenting which I have been following since I became a mom.
1. Patience. A lot many times I felt quirky, disturbed, lonely, frustrated, be it any reason related to me or my baby. But I never lost my patience. There is always a good time and a bad time so good time will always come your way. Don’t think this is the en. Infact it’s just the beginning of a lifelong journey of a beautiful parenthood.
2. Try Try and Try. Yes, remember always. Be it less milk supply, your kid refusing to eat, making him say a word, taking out some me time, playing with kid, whatever is the situation, a mother should never loose hope. Believing in yourself as the best person for your kid has made me realize that trying again and again without losing hope brings you success finally.
3. Not being judgmental. This is for all other people except the mother of the child. We often hear from old ladies,”We did that way, why don’t you too?.” In fact every oarentsvtried their best for their child. There is a need for others to understand that the situations and conditions have changes since ages. We shouldn’t and can’t compare the upbringing of two kids in the same house. Then how can one compare the present times and their past some twenty-five to thirty years ago! As a mother, I never went with those old wives’s tales for my son.
4. Believe in yourself. Lot of times, I used to feel helpless. Now I know seeking advice and suggestions is good but following them blindly is not. As a mother we should always think twice and then act wisely comparing both the pros and cons of the concerning issue. Always remember the best persons for a child is his parents. If they feel so, they will definitely seek advice. Now a days, a lot of information and updates are easily available for all the first time mommies to read and implement based on various researched done. And it’s always advisable to read about it before actually implementing anything for your child.


5. Let your child grow. Giving a lot of medicines to your child, to get his teeth early, make him sit early, make him walk, make him speak all seem very exciting in the start but to be true, a child’s development doesn’t depends on how many medicines he takes. Instead the love and affection by both the parents and family does so. I have been breastfeeding him till date and never impose him with unnecessary medicines or ghuttis. I believe every child has his or her own pace of growth and learning and this shouldn’t be interrupted by giving unnecessary drops or age old remedies.
6. Talk, Talk and Talk. Lastly, I have learnt the more parents talk to their child, the wittier, intelligent and smart he becomes. By the age of two, a child already knows about 2000 words from none other than his own parents as studies say. So right from his day one, I have been telling him about a lot many things, whatever I do, wherever we go, whom so ever I meet, just to imbibe different sounds, words, gestures, expressions, moods and their associations basically to accustom him with all the peculiarities of human beings.
I hope readers enjoyed my experiences. If you would like to comment upon anything or want to know more you are most wecome. I would be more than happy to know what others have to say.
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