Wat all to take care while travelling by air with one year old baby.with her v r gng for first time.

Breast feed the baby while take off and landing. The sucking motion will help in relieving the air pressure on ears

For 1 year old baby wearing is super convenient. As suggested feed baby both while landing and take off. Keep all baby's fav toys and snacks nearby. All the best

Keep small cotton buds ready with you. You may need it in the flight when the air pressure changes.

It's normally said put sugar in baby mouth if not being breast fed... I was suggested this when I travelled alone wen my lo was 13 mnths old...However I didn't need as she slept off before boarding n woke only on landing :-)

Thanks a looooot....

it's good if ur flight timings align with your baby's sleeping time.. so they fall asleep during the flight

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