can I start dieting and excersice after 2,months of c section if I am not breastfeeding?

My Dr advised no exercise till 6 months

I think our body needs proper rest, so relax now don't be in a hurry get proper rest now

you have to first recover ,then start dieting.just be active n take care

Hi. Once you cross 6 weeks, you can start with walking and gradually after 3 months you can start your postnatal yoga. The one month of only walks warms up your body, gives ur body the time to heal.
Regarding dieting, even if you are not breastfeeding, a healthy weight loss is a must so that you do not feel yourself to be weak. So consult a dietician. Don't crash diet.
Take care.

I would say go slow. and do not diet. just eat healthy. start with very gentle moves after a month or so before starting on rigorous exercises.
you might want to go through this article as well.

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