How To Develop Healthy Eating Culture- Super Easy Ideas For Fussy Eaters

Is your child a picky or a fussy eater? Of course, which child isn’t? 😂😝

Being a mom of a toddler, I can proudly say that the most challenging tasks ever, apart from potty training, is setting up a proper healthy eating schedule. Healthy eating in toddlers is in fact way more than just healthy foods.;

So, here I am to help all the new moms out there, who are always on their wit’s end, with respect to their child’s eating habits. Today I will be talking about some of the easiest “tried” tips that can considerably help in raising healthy culture.

(Oh yes, before I receive judgemental comments, let me confess something. My daughter “obviously” doesn’t always like healthy “edible” stuff. But that attitude didn’t make me give up. And that’s why I tried these tips which often works on her. Hope you do find them helpful as well!)

Control Your Food;

Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to buy food for your family. Which also means you have complete control over what you wish to buy. Your kid will never know what are chips unless you show them. Restrict yourself when you wish to get those chocolates. They are bad for you as well. And you know it!

Whenever you go for grocery shopping, make sure to take your child along with you. Buy only healthy food. Include loads of vegetables and fruits and tell your child while shopping why are they good. If your child goes with your spouse, tell them not to buy anything else other than what’s needed. Kids are way smarter than you think. They pretty much know who they can manipulate.

Eat Healthily

It doesn’t matter how many thousands of times you told your kid to eat that apple. Until and unless you too, start eating the same apple, your kid will never take you seriously.

Kids imitate their parents A LOT! Especially when it comes to healthy eating, it’s the prime responsibility of the parents to do the same. You need to eat loads of fruits and vegetables to make sure your kid follows you. Remember, YOU are the role model for your children. Make sure they see as an inspiring one.

Avoid Screen Distractions

Ok, let me confess! My daughter used to be a screen addict as well especially during meal times. And that also affected her speech. It was one sudden day when I finally took the decision to ditch off the screen. And trust me, two days later she started speaking. Gibberish, but she tried.

Screen addiction is so bad on so many levels. However, especially during meal times, several moms do resort to playing cartoons or nursery rhymes as a form of distraction. Because that way, your child doesn’t know what he is gulping down and finishes off the meal sooner.;

Parents, you need to stop that NOW!

Instead, try telling them stories or show them colourful pictures. Books and stories never, ever, lose their charm!

Give Yourself And Your Child A Cheat Day

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

I am sure you must have heard the proverb. Interestingly, the same goes for healthy eating. Give yourself and your child one day every week to indulge in what you like. Of course, in moderate quantities!

Absolute abandonment can let your child lookout for some other sneaky ways to grab the food that he loves the most. Lest that scenario does happen, make it clear with your child that he/she can eat their favourite chocolates or burgers just once a week.

Start Sooner

Every great thing is best done when you conceive its idea. The same goes for developing a healthy eating practice.

Start cultivating healthy eating as soon as your baby starts solids. The sooner you start the journey the easier will it be on your part.


Being a mom, I genuinely know how hard it can be to get some spare time to try out a new recipe. But moms, we got to do this!

Kids simply love colours and more variation. If your kid doesn’t like sweets, go for spicy. If he doesn’t like to chew opt for porridges. Some kids prefer one texture over the other. While, luckily, some kids don’t have any issue with anything.;

Every child is different from the other. Try your hands on almost every category consistently. Sooner or later you would surely understand what suits best for your child; based on which you can add your own ideas.;

Keep Your Kid Hungry

With that I mean, don’t necessarily go along with your set timings. Your kid might have had their last meal two hours back. But let that hunger develop more. Let your child actually “feel” hungry. Once they are absolutely hungry, feed that salad or that smoothie that you wanted to. Hunger makes almost everything possible. With kids as well it works quite the same.

Do you have any other feeding ideas or tips? Let me know in the comments! #fussyeaters #pickyeaters #indianmom #indianexpatmom #bbccreatorsclub #bbccreatorspost #bbccreators #contentcreator #feedingtips #eatingtips #healthyeatingtips #healthyeating

Loved each and every point. Im so thankful that I started reading about weaning when my turned 4 months, chose Traditional weaning for her . Never forced or distracted her to eat.

Rebecca Prakash distraction is, I feel, not bad. But, should be better done in creative ways like telling stories or showing pictures.

Nazia there is a catch here story telling or giving toys will slowly get transferred to screen time. Kids should eat when hungry , no need to distract them to eat. This creates a good eating habit.

Rebecca I kinda agree with you. But, unfortunately, my kid does start off very well when she's super hungry. But once her tummy is half full, she starts her drama again. 🤣 Hence, the stories!

very nice post.. so helpful to all new moms for weaning baby..

Haan if she is full then dont distract her to eat more , her tummy her hunger. This helps in long run.

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