Anonymous post: Stay calm and be supportive

Some days I feel upset and want to just be alone and for no reason. I am a toddler mom. Is it depression? Im a stay at home mom. Not sure if i need professional help. Is it normal to have very off days?

Hi priya, it's not that u r depressed and no need of professional help you are just tired of adjusting your schedule for your self coz u have to look after your toddler. Take some rest, if possible seek help to take care of your kid. Every mother goes through this phase. Take care

Hi Nazeema! This is from anonymous mom who doesn't want to be named. Thank you for helping her.

Hey mommy... Ur definitely not in depression... It's pretty ok for a Mom to feel the way you feeling... I'm a Mom of two and trust me I feel like this often... But I have started giving myself a ME time...
I take often washroom breaks, I can it my meditation room... Take my phone along and play my fav games...
Try to indulge yourself in some activity u have always loved...
Listen to music, don't, dance, watch movie...
Mommy you will be just so fine

Sorry priya, didn't notice it

No worries Nazeema!!

It is perfectly OK, after sometime you can pickup a hobby or send kids to school/ playgroup and get some me time for yourself. You can pickup a work from home too to keep you occupied.

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