‘BED REST’…. A phrase that is enough to haunt you for months. But trust me it is not. You can enjoy your pregnancy while being on bed rest too.
I was on strict bed rest since past one-month due to incompetent cervix but since my condition is improving so now I am on bed rest.
Let us first understand the difference between bed rest and strict bed rest. Strict bed rest means you are not allowed to walk, sit or stand. You are also not allowed to go to bathroom. Urine and stool are passed on bedpans. Your pelvic movements are restricted as much as possible. Whereas in bed rest you can go to bathroom. You can also sit for some time but you are not allowed to stand or walk. Now that the difference is clear let me share some tips on how to cope up with bed rest.
1. First of all, don’t take bed rest as a punishment or a challenge. Just take it as a different phase or a new experience of your life. Take it positively, whining or stressing will not help you anyway.
2. If you are on strict bed rest, then rent a hospital bed because it has an option to elevate your feet or back as and when required.
3. Never hire a caretaker or a nurse. Try to do things on your own. A person sitting on your head all the time will constantly remind you that you are on bed rest which in turn will give you unnecessary stress.
4. Try to avoid using bedpans instead use diapers to pass urine. In order to use a bedpan, you will have to raise your pelvic area about 6 to 7 inches high which would be difficult for you in third trimester. Whereas diapers can be easily slide in and out by raising your pelvic for about an inch only. Moreover, you don’t need an assistant for that.
5. You can get up once in a day to pass your stool. Trust me! It will not hurt you at all. On the contrary, it will help you clear your stomach easily. But remember not to put any kind of pressure while passing stool.
6. Start your day by getting fresh. Clean and dry your body and change clothes. Comb your hairs, apply moisturizer and lip balm. Ask your maid to change bed sheets and elevate your back for some time. This will give you a fresh start to the day.
7. Buy a doppler and listen to your baby’s heartbeat two times a day daily. It will ensure you that your baby is okay.
8. Open Baby Chakra app and take part in quizzes, competitions, opinion polls, etc. Answer other mom’s questions, share your experiences and posts, interact with other moms on the app. It will keep you busy for maximum time of the day.
9. Start planning your baby nursery and make a list of items you need in your hospital bags. Start shopping online, it will keep your mind occupied.
10. Watch TV shows and movies, listen to songs and radio, etc. it will distract you from any kind of negative thoughts you are having.
11. Buy a knitting kit and start knitting booties and mittens for your baby. If you don’t know how to knit then you can watch online tutorials.
12. Working moms can work from home on their laptop. But make sure to take regular breaks from work because you cannot sit for long.
13. Download games from play store and start playing. Some games are so addictive that it will consume most of your time.
14. Join an online course of your choice and give some time of your day to learn new things and remain up to date.
15. Readers can read books, magazines, newspaper, etc online or offline. This will also keep you busy and updated.
16. Open your smartphone and start organising data. Make different folders and albums. Organize your files, songs, photos, etc. This will also keep you occupied for major chunk of time.
17. Talk to your friends, relatives, parents or closed ones once every day. It will help you express your fears and anxiety if there is any.
18. Creative moms can indulge themselves in creating new things with the help of paper crafts, glass painting, sketching, clay modelling, etc. It will be a good therapy session.
Don’t just lie on bed counting number of days left for delivery. Try to enjoy each day of your pregnancy. You only live it once/twice or as many times as the number of kids you are planning to have. I am not judging anyone here... LOL! Live this time to fullest. Stay happy, Smile! It will not hurt you. Whining or stressing all the time will not help you at all. Nothing will happen to your baby. Enjoy those kicks, somersaults, movements, karate sessions going inside your womb. Say a prayer every morning and evening. Everything will be okay. You are not alone, there are many like you in the same boat. Sail it through with a smile. This is just another phase and it will pass. If you are still tensed, ping me I am there to motivate you.
I really appreciate that asha chaudhry; asked me to share few words on my experience.; It was so thoughtful of her. She said she remembers me all the time that really touched my heart. This feels so good that without seeing or meeting how people get so connected. Thanks Baby Chakra r for giving me such an opportunity to neet wonderful people like asha chaudhry; and giving us a platform to express ourselves out without any hesitation.;
I hope this post is helpful. Stay positive!; Be happy! Good luck!

Shipra Dang Kataria

Michelle D'mello

asha chaudhry

Shipra Dang shipra shipra shipra!!! My gosh! What an incredible post full of insights never shared by anyone in the last 6 mnths for sure. Can not thank u enuf for making the effort to write this detailed post which will help thousands of moms who are on bedrest and feel all alone! Big hugs ur way. I m bookmarking this forever!

asha chaudhry

Priya Iyer Priya Sood pls bookmark

Shipra Dang Kataria

asha chaudhry thank u

asha chaudhry

Kritika Lall Rebecca Prakash Merline Thomson Satyam Sharma Akshaya Naresh pls tag other expecting moms

Niveditha Rambhajan

such a positive post @shipra

Shipra Dang Kataria

Thank u Niveditha Rambhajan

Michelle D'mello

Thanks for the tag Shipra. very helpful post! 🤗

Sneha Khandait

so inspiring post Shipra Dang ,,, me too on bed rest for 1 month... I am a girl who can't seat at one place place for long time ... I have habit of walking while talking on phone, every day I need to climb stairs... but now all of these activities of mine are strictly restricted,,, no travelling, no walking , no stairs climbing ... I was so tensed that how I will manage to be on bed all time... but this post of urs made me relax to some extend ... will try to follow what u have suggested in post Shipra ... bookmarked it👍

Shipra Dang Kataria

Glad to hear that Sneha Khandait Deshmukh

asha chaudhry

Sneha Khandait Deshmukh !!!!!! I forgot to tag u here! I was thinking there is someone i m forgetting - my maid is trying to scrub the kitchen before we leave for the airport so i m super distracted!!! How are u doing? Pls post ur awesomeness during happy hours!!!

Kritika Lall

hats off to u shipra!

Sneha Khandait

asha di .... yesterday  i came to my hometown by availing maternity leaves as doctor advised for complete bed hubby is also with me now... giving him a fair chance to do my "Seva" as he was not with me for complete seven months ( he was in UK) and I managed alone so now he is happily doing everything for me n baby .  me n baby are doing good but have low lying placenta so my  Dr. advised for bed rest as  a precaution.

Satyam Sharma

more power to you!
I think these things can be done by anyone thank you for sharing your insights Shipra!

Rebecca Prakash

Well written Shipra.😍😍

Akshaya Naresh

Awesome!great post Shipra Dang!

Shipra Dang Kataria

Thank u Satyam Sharma Rebecca Prakash; Akshaya Naresh

Maayra Bhilwara

going with the same..glad to read this

Parul Johari

Very very nice post shipra!
Can u please tell me about a doppler Shipra Dang


6 weeks pregnant

Bhawani Rao

11 weeks pregnant

Shipra Dang Kataria

Parul Johari doppler is used to listen baby's heartbeat. It is used when you reach second trimester. It is available online at shopping websites.


Excellent post shipra. So much hlpful fr ol mums who are on bed rest!bookmark done👍 I wsh if u cud hv posted this little earlier.. Its so gud dat feeling more positive aftr reading it. m also d one on bed rest from last 8 months.


Hello everyone.. I am aon complete bed rest.. its just rhe starting of my pregnancy..please guide me.. whenever I wat anything, I usually sit for around 10 mins. IS it fine..?? Or I should avoid sitting totally..


Very helpful information...

Vandana Ghughe Ghughe

Such a positive post i am on bedrest last 1 mnth and I was feeling worst butnow I am v


thank you very much ....yes husband s behave towrds me is not i vomit ...he started scolding me tht why i eat the things which is not good ...and he cant keep me happy....he is not at all a calm and deciplined person...his all action makes me irritate a lot...but still i do love him becoz i find no one loves him in real ....evryone tries to use him ...and he thinks evryone loves me ..people;; are depandent on him ...he helps wid body money and wid heart ...but he cant care his wife....unhonest towrds me ...what should i do .


i m also on bedrest from last 2 months


Hi Shipra Dang Kataria ...I am adviced to be on bed rest due to mild uterus funneling..I want to know how you manage with the hip pains which we acquire due to constant lying on our sides.. btw, loved ur post

dr Rutvi

Tx...really inspiring bcz i m also on bed rest due to low lying placenta...
To remain inactive is most terrible thing acc to my nature so i was after this lession i will enjoy my rest time nd pregnancy

Rashmita Basak

Shipra Dang Thanks for sharing even my story is also similar I am now 30 weeks pregnant on my 5 month I got to know that my cervix size is short and I have to go for the stich..I did that and now I'm in complete bedrest and it will be till delivery, but I fully enjoying this now😊

Shipra Dang Kataria

Awalpreet yes it is fine to sit for 10-15 min taking a support for your back. For any more queries you can post your questions on baby chakra. Experts are thers to help you.

Shipra Dang Kataria

Gayathri for hip pains you should keep changing your sides. Sleep on left and right side as well.

Michelle D'mello

Shipra Dang Kataria it's so nice to come back to this post now., I don't know how we passed those tough times. I guess it was having each other's support n other baby chakra moms. You were a great help to me. Thanks alot. To all the moms on bed rest now.... Be strong n enjoy every bit.. these are precious moments you will rmbr forever... After your baby comes you'll completely forget the tough times n will rmbr this journey as a beautiful one.
If anyone needs any help /advice o just to share anything feel free to ping me. I've been through it all so I understand how you feel.

Shipra Dang Kataria

Michelle D'mello it was all becoz of your inner strength and belief...

nisha bhatt

Thanks for the post. It will very helpful for me


I have not pregnancy and three time abusion plz guide me some test i dont know resions the abusion


Very helpful I'm currently on bed rest. Thanks a lot

Madhu Manjesh

thanks for ur suggestion mam its a helpful thoughts for me

Deepti Tanwar

thankssss a lot dear ... its such an amazing post .. its what , what we actually feel and.. do .. thanks for sharing your experiences ...

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