Okay, how many of u give milk to ur children, cow's or buffalo's...
Have an interesting info to share...

Mamta Rawlani

just started with cow milk

Priya Sood

Suspense....do share

Kaushal Sovani

Yes Priya. will share as a write up soon.
wanna hear few more parents and their reason to give milk.

Priya Sood

Looking forward. Consumption of milk for kids has been on my mind. Its more of tradition i guess for me.

Kaushal Sovani

Yes exactly. And now there is more to it

Aparna Kunde Kowli

will want to transition to Pride of Cows when my son turns one

Nazeema Shaheen

Cow's milk for sure

Dr.Srujana Kona( PT)

Buffalo's milk..to my knowledge, cows milk is rich in everything more than buffalo's...but it is suitable for calf but not human infants .Especially infants below 1 year shiuld not be given cow' s milk as it may lead to holes in the stomach.Above 2 or 3 years..we can start with cow's milk...any correctoins are welcome

Durga Kalaiselvan

oh my god... but my cousin gave cow milk to her son in his first month... he is 2 years old now. He is good in his health

Kaushal Sovani

cool. So I will be posting my views and some research tomorrow late night.

Durga Kalaiselvan

okay kaushal done

Priyanka Jain

Kaushal have u posted ur views. Where can i check.

Priya Ghosh

I started with cow milk once she turned 1+, then was giving tetra Pack Nestle and now my daughter takes pediasure in water she is 7+ now

Sai poonam

Mother dairy milk

Sheeba Vijesh

ok, my paed. advised me to breastfeed for two years, and during this time, he said, no other milk is required... how about that?

Niti Verma

Cow milk largely!!!  but my 2yr old still breastfeeds at nights, so even if he skips his milk I have little complaints! Also curd, panner, buttermilk are his favourites so there are some deliberate cheat days for him by me. But my in-laws are damn concern about his milk intakes though I am ok.

Brinda R

cow s milk

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