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I was active throughout my second pregnancy , handling a toddler , part time working, vacations, flight travels , road travels . I was hoping for a normal delivery like my first one.

;My 8th month scan showed baby was breech ( legs down). But there were still a chance of baby turning , assured by my Gynaec.;

36.5 weeks, 10 am -; felt something wet on my bed . Went to bathroom to check and found my water bag; leaking (drop by drop). Though i was aware of sequence of events that would follow, i got little anxious. Called my hospital and got an appointment for 1130am. My husband was in the office and my son was in school.

I took bath , had breakfast, reached hospital with a purse hanging on me and got to meet my gynaec at 11:20am exact. She examined me and we found that leaking water has made my trousers wet. Since water bag leaking is involuntary , i didn't came to know. She immediately send me to do an emergency ultrascan.;

;11:40am;;my ultrasound was done and doctor said that your water content is almost nil , means all water have been leaked out. And the baby position is still breech.

And to make situation worse there was double cord wrapped around the baby's neck.

I was aware , C-section was the only option most doctor opts for at this situation.;

I was alone there and; already under a mental stigma , when my doctor said "; No water left, baby is breech with 2 cords around the neck, baby can go into distress we need to do an emergency C-section";

Me;- " doctor can i go back home to get my hospital bag, i am not prepared for hospital stay";

Doctor- " Are you mad , what r u talking. Call your husband here or any of your family member for support"

Me;- " My mother is supposed to come after 2 days and no-one stays around" and i called my husband to come to hospital ,still unknown what is happening.

12 noon;- I still not aware how much time i actually had to plan things up.;

But she made calls to her junior doctors , anaesthesist, and many more saying that there is an emergency.

She sent me to an opposite room to get blood test done for hb .;

I was standing alone at the reception area with all different staff; asking my name; and giving me some or the other instructions what to follow next.;

12:30pm;- my husband came ( thank god he was in town that day ) , started with hospital formalities .

12:40pm;- Staff people took me to pre- op room , get my clothes changed .;

1 pm - They took me to OT.

Till the OT gate i was just explaining him to get my hospital bag and my son's clothes/ food etc etc . And we just said Bye to each other and i went inside the OT.;

Didn't actually get time to do much of talking.

The OT look made me think again again the critically of the situation.;

1:15pm;- I was on the Operation theatre with bunch of white clothes people around me. Tears start rolling onto my eyes as everything should be safe and sound. My baby should be ok .;

They gave me anaesthesia and my lower half got null. Nurses were trying to console me, talking to me , trying to divulge my mind while my doctor was doing the most crucial work .;

I could not see anything, i could not feel anything , i could just listen what people around me was trying to explain to me.;

Finally at 1:40 pm; , I heard that cry which made me smile . Tears were rolling from my eyes when doctor said "it's a Baby Girl".

"Give me my girl" and i had my first skin touch with my angel.;

I remember i murmured to my baby; ; ; ";Stay strong even if you are left alone "

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Wow!! Thank you for sharing your story with us dear :)

Cloud9 same pinch

oh my god! you are very strong !! thanks for sharing your delievery story with us dear

Strong lady happy for u

Strong mommyy

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