My pregnancy time was very difficult for me. I always felt weak and sleepy. After 7th month I got diagnosed with high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Because of that It was 50-50 chances for c-section but after 36th week my blood pressure was so high. Amniotic fluid was also more than normal. Also my nose started to bleed because of the blood pressure. At the 37th week I started having pains at regular intervals. At that time I went to the hospital and doctor checked my blood pressure it was very high. So, they suggested me to take an injection if the blood pressure doesn't go down then they will do the surgery but after taking the injection my blood pressure didn't go down. Then doctor said not to wait so, they took me to operating room and after anesthesia I remember they were talking my blood pressure is not going down and my blood was going in glucose bottle from the syringe in my hand. So, they did the surgery very fast and after getting my baby out they gave me another dose of anesthesia and I just remember my baby tiny body on my chest him looking at me. I wanted to hold me but I couldn't my hand were not moving. When they took my baby for cleaning I wanted to shout to give me my baby he was crying I wanted to console him. But just after that I don't remember when I fell asleep and woke up in a room. Then I saw him sleeping in his cot and I got teary at that time every pain every sorrow I felt just vanished in thin air.

I couldn't stop myself from staring at him. I became so possessive that I decided I will always make him smile. Not even a tear will ever come to his eyes. I will give him the world if he asks me. 😚😚😘😍

That is my delivery story... 💟💥❣️

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you are so strong dear.. very nice picture & thanks for sharing your delievery story with us..

Thank you dear Niyati for sharing your story with us :)

Thank you dear madhavi cholera

Thank you dear Khushboo Chouhan

You are a strong mommyy

Thank you Dear Taslim Shadab

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