To live fearless means to decide that today is a gift, that the past was a lesson but to let it go, and that tomorrow is an amazing opportunity

My constant fear that I have overcomed recently was, I use to feel i dont give my all to My Daughter(Rifa)

Even though doing each and evry possible things for her i still use to feel i have done enough for her..

When you are a mom you get lots of free unwanted advices from people also you get to listen the correct way of your child's upbringing.

"Ye mat karo wo mat khilao aisa nahi waisa nahi,

All those superstitions ✌️✌️

But All i can say Is A mother knows her child better than any other Human

She knows what is good and what is bad for her child..

She isn't too busy to notice things happening with kid.

So in this Misconception of a perfect Life or perfect evrything,Evryone wants to be perfect and thus Mom guilt always follows..And that is what i use to experience from long time, but now I no longer care for what anyone says or talks abt the way I am upbringing my child..

I would like to say to evry Mom

Your little efforts are also a big one

Dont belittle yourself and you are #Fearless to face any situation that comes.

#FearlessFriday #bbcreatorsclub #babychakraapp #mamabear #lifewithrifa #motherhoodunveiled #acupofmommyhood

More power to you dear!!!!!

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