I am Thaarikha (21) from South India. Iam sharing my teenage Childbirth story.

I was 19 years old and old my 33rd week of gestation. On 15th May 2018 i had unusual thick, discharge. It was almost like a mucus and in the color of cottage cheese. By evening , i felt mild contraction. It was not frequent and had a little time interval, however i was not aware of anything. I did not have a risky pregnancy as everything was normal. We went to hospital as my bump was as hard as a cricket ball. I was admitted after checking the contractions. Baby's heart beat was quite normal. I wasn't induced as my Obstetrician is a nature lover and doesn't wanted me to undergo unwanted things. Tye next morning i was 1 cm dilated. And we waited for 48 hours. Nothing happened. My obstetrician broke the water and i was induced. Later i was 7cm dilated. My contractions was more heavy and i dint even cry or shout. Later the nurses left me and went towards some other cot. I almost wanted someone along with me. But there were none and i suddenly had a high heart rate which i almost felt. And soon the nurses gave me nebulization. My baby was decreasing his heart beat. And soon i have to undergo an emergency C-section.

This is why i feel there must be someone to support the mother at the onset of labor. And i feel i can do it now....

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Nice..nd u r of 21 right now??

yes agree dear.. support is must needed that time.. thanks for sharing your delievery story with us ...

Nice dear.👍👍

Totally agreed

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