Becoming a mother for the first time was the most Wonderful and amazing experience of my life. Like every pregnant women, my early days were little difficult as it has pain and crazy mood swings. However by the grace of god my rest of the pregnancy days were very smooth. I did not have major health issues, everything was normal and good. I must accept that everyone in the family were pampering me like a queen.

I still remember how we felt when we went for first ultrasound. We were nervous and it was quite evident on our faces. It is very difficult to express that feeling in words when we heard the heartbeat of our baby. We both were speechless and teary eyed. It was the first time I realised that I have a life inside my womb.

In my last trimester everything was going fine and as per the plan. The delivery date was 13th Jan and I was very excited. I still remember that on 5th Jan 2019 we went for a regular check-up and doctor has told us that it will be a normal delivery as per dates given. On 10th Morning I was not feeling comfortable and went to doctor for consultation. Doctor has asked me to get admitted immediately as they need to do C section without further delay. I was mentally not prepared for C section as it was expected to be a normal delivery. Moreover my husband wasn’t there with me. But god had a different plan and we were blessed with a baby boy and we named him “ SHIVAY”. I forgot all my pain the moment I saw him for the first time.

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super lovely picture dear.. thanks for sharing your delievery story with us !!

so cute great story

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