Losing is for losers? Who says so!!!

While we decided to ditch the television and play a memory game instead ,it made me realise a few things ,that why give in always to just see them smile ? Can't they smile even when they lose ? So ,i decided to carry on and play the game as a regular game as I would with an adult and my 6 year old adjusted ,understood and adapted to losing a few games and bounced back to many more .

Do not give in ,teach them to be ok ,when they lose and to keep trying to come back with a smile. I would definately like to believe LOSING IS FOR WINNERS ! because if you are conquer the feeling of losing then you are definitely a winner in the battle in this thing we call life !


#babychakra #dsignlife #momentsofamother

what an awesome post dear!!! very nicely written!!!

great post thank you sharing

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