The hardest part of this winter to dress up your babies/toddlers to keep them warm.The falling temperature and the wind chill is a matter of concern. So, I am sharing few tips which I found important for our little ones.

❄first and very important tip is you shouldn’t be so bundled up that they can’t climb the playground ladder or romp.

❄Snaps and zippers are really good choices for toddlers, who will likely need constant wardrobe adjustments.

❄If your little one isn’t potty-trained, this also makes diaper changes easier.

❄Also avoid ribbons and strings that might unravel or possibly be a choking hazard, especially on loose-fitting hood.

❄Put babies and children in one more layer of clothing than an adult would wear in the same conditions.

❄Don't forget the accessories

❄A huge percentage of body heat is lost through the head, so be sure they have a;warm cap.

❄Kids' hands and feet get cold quickly, and make sure they have mittens or gloves ;to wear

These are few things to share. I hope you must be having few more tips for me as well. Don't forget to mention your favorite and useful winter tip for me in comments section.

Happy winter! ❄⛄

Khushboo Chouhan

#bbcreatorsclub #bbcreatorsclubmom

very helpful tips..Thanks for sharing dear..

Madhavi Cholera ❤️❤️

Superb post dear..

interesting post

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