Ok so lot of moms asking what to do for cold and cough as the winters has started here are few Home remedies which are tried and tested by me and my mom frnds too..

Hope this helps you all too.. 😊

Ajwain sek and potli - works for me always. Heat little ajwain in a pan and wrap it in a cloth twice, check the heat bfre giving sek to baby's chest.

Steam - very carefully, use a steamer or run hot water and steam up the bathroom and take your baby in

Mustard oil - put hing and garlic - cook the oil - let it cool down and apply on chest/back/ soles

Vekhand powder is easily available - apply twice a day - regularly even when there is no cold on chest/ back/ forehead and head

Ketolin Lep - put a very very small amount on baby’s chest at night

Use naso buddy - easily available in good stores or amazon - to help aspirate the cold out

Nasoclear drops - please use freely - u can even use it every 10 mins

Please please visit the paediatrician if its severe and lasts long

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Very Very Very helpful!! I am bookmarking this as many moms are actually asking for these tips!

Khushboo Chouhan Feel free to tag them here also share it to maximum moms.. This are very helpful 😊

Very helpful post dear..

durga salvi thank u😊

much helpful tips dear.. thanks a lot for sharing...
i don't know what is vekhand powder & ketolin lap.. from where i can buy?

Madhavi Cholera You can get it at the local Ayurvedic stores. Also at the generic pharmacy

Thank you so much dear

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