For me 2019 has been very lucky by far Alhamdulillah. All thanks and praises to the Almighty.

Rifa's birth-March 2019

Our first Anniversary - April 2019

My first International Trip to Dubai-June 2019

My first Birthday celebration with my husband after getting married--26 June 2019

Had an amazing time with family.

Celebrated Rifa's half birthday at Royal Crusie in Dubai- August 2019

Introduced solids to Rifa-September 2019

Started self feeding lessons for Rifa-October 2019

Joined BabyChakra App and writing posts - November 2019

Within a month got qualified from crystal to Jade Momstar

Along with the exclusive invitation to the most Fabulous Carnival of the year Jio Wonderland - December 2019

So i can definitely say its been a great year overall..

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so great to hear about this.. would be amazing to hear more abt it

Stories on the way. 😅

wow..thats so nice dear!! Beautiful memories 😘 many congrats!!!!

Madhavi Cholera yes indeed it was

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