5 Things That Your Child Must Learn Before He/She Turns Three

In this hi-tech age, it can often become confusing as to what things you should teach your toddler. With so many tech-activities already in the arena, it becomes highly important to understand, for us parents, to focus on some of the most classic old-school habits/manners.;

For all the new mums who are absolutely confused as to what exactly should be your kids’ very basic habits or manners, here I am writing this extremely important post. Things that your child must know or learn before he/she turns 3.;

Personal Hygiene

You may wonder what could a 2.5 yr old kid might even understand about personal hygiene. I too know it doesn’t quite make sense. But trust me, before your kid turns 3 it is important for him to understand at least the basics about personal hygiene.

With personal hygiene, your child must now learn the importance of brushing, having a bath daily, clipping nails regularly, potty training and washing hands before eating.

I know it won’t be an easy job. But once, when you start doing it every day along with explaining the importance of these habits, your kid would soon catch.;

And yes, remember, kids, are massive observers. In order to ensure that your child actually follows what you tell him, you need to do the same. Brush your teeth every day along with your child. Clip your nails exactly before or after clipping your child’s. Believe it or not, this is THE only way you can teach your child about personal wellness.


I don’t know exactly whether I am old-school or not. But I sincerely believe that nothing can surpass the goodness of good manners.

Since my daughter turned around 16 months or so, I started training her for the absolute basic manners like responding with a “Thank You” or “Sorry.”

You may say the preschool-age might be too early. But I honestly believe, instilling good manners is better done early. The sooner you start the process, the faster your child will catch it.

Like personal hygiene, basic good manners too, need your contribution. If you’re confused as to how to start it, here’s a tip.

Every time your child gives you something say “Thank You,” Or every time, you somehow hurt him/her say “Sorry.” Follow these on a regular basis and I am sure your kid will be able to learn them soon.


Okay, I know this is by far the most difficult one EVER.;

Even if your child is five or six, he/she may want you to feed him. It’s ok and normal!

But did you know it’s equally important for kids below the age group of three to learn self-feeding!

Self-feeding is not a one-day job. Once you decide to let your child do it, you better make sure his comfort level. If he’s comfortable in having food with a spoon, let him do it. If he’s comfortable with eating with his hands, just let him do it. Letting him learn within his comfort zone makes things easier on your part.

Once you’re done with that, don’t just jump into meals. Let him self-feed with snacks. Give a day’s break, then restart the process. If you suddenly push your kid to self-feed literally every day, he/she might throw a tantrum and would perceive eating as a chore and not an activity.

Once your child gets the grip, let him self-feed on a daily basis. Sometimes, this might also require you to just sit down and watch him. Do that.;


Not many parents actually take disciplining quite seriously. But like I said, I am an old-school parent and for me, discipline is literally as important as breathing.

With discipline, I don’t necessarily mean to spank your kids every time he/she throws a tantrum. Though I do believe in spanking, but I mostly follow conscious raising.

With that I mean, every time your child does something wrong, first try to understand if he did that on purpose or by mistake. If he does that mistake, explain to him politely that he should be careful the next time. Don’t start screaming just at the moment. I once did that few days back and regretted my reaction instantly.

If your child does something wrong on purpose, like throwing down a bottle of water with a big smile on his face, scold him with a stern look. Your child might try to distract you with a smile, but you need to maintain your strictness. The sooner you give in, the lesser your child will realize the significance of discipline.;

And finally, the most important part. When you’re done with the session, shower your child with love. Hug him or just kiss him. And let him every time, that no matter what you are always there to love him.

Basic Knowledge

Now I know some parents here may differ with respect to starting education. But honestly, I believe once your child starts talking and understand the basics of everything, you must start teaching.

You can start his education just with alphabets, with gradually progressing to numbers. Your kid will literally won’t even look at the book the first time you start teaching. And would actually hate it. But like everything in parenting persistence is the key.

Sit with his books every day. Sooner or later he would realize this is inescapable. Mind you, this might actually take even months. Because not every child is the same. Even after multiple attempts if your child doesn’t want to look at the book, don’t scream. You need to understand that you must introduce education in a fun way. That can make your entire teaching process easier.

For teaching nursery rhymes, here’s a tip. Every time your kid gets bored, recite a nursery with full-on dramatic expressions. Dance with him. Trust me, he would learn them sooner than you could expect.

So, mommies, these were some of the things that I personally feel every kid must learn before he turns three. I learnt them on 2019 and couldn't wait to share with you people. Do you think I missed out anything? Let me know in the comments.

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Khushboo Chouhan Rebecca Prakash Madhavi Cholera

superb post dear..its very helpful & nicely explained every points with much details.. agree with you totally!thanks for sharing!!

Bhavna Anadkat Madhavi Cholera soumya Meenakshi Kaushik Kavita Sahany Sania Bhushan Sulbha Bathwal Himali Parikh Geethanjali Behara Aradhana Haldankar Foram K Modi saakshi Dr. AMRITA MALLIK Preeti Bharti vasu Lifeofmummyandson Avantika love Radha Amit daksh priti Swapnil Dwivedi Humera Anjum Tannu Khtrri Ankita Jhunjhunwala Akanksha Bhuri Jaishree Budhiraja Karishma Agrawal Dt Ruchita Maheshwari Sarika Jain swati Alisha Sahana Rahaman Sandhya Vivek Manisha M @ Twins munchkin mom Pradnya Rane jessy oberoi Priyanka Jaiswal Priyanka Jaiswal Sai Rajeswari mahi Anju Nidhi subhashini Kavita Singh Mansi Vandana sangwal Suma Vrushalee SB Arpita Roy Bhrukuti Mistry deepa muskan shristhy muskan Jain Yamuna aishwarya Pooja Jain (fables_of_babyv) Dr. Farah Adam Parminder Kohli Krutika Gor Aiswarya Shankar Madhavi & Yuvaan poorvi khare Amardeep Kaur Mann Shwetha Madhuri Vipra Naik Jaya Sathaye Khushboo Chouhan Mausam Pandya Mayuri Kacha pranjal tyagi Ekta Varma Nayana Nanaware Priyanka Mishra Rani Nagar Rabita Pokhrel shraddha gupta Sz Soudagar roshni trivedi Swapnil Dwivedi Manisha M @ Twins munchkin mom Himali ParikhSania Bhushan Asma shaikh soumya jessy oberoi saakshi veena s Sulbha Bathwal roshni trivedi shristhy Megha Agarwal Shivangi Gaurav Lubna Shaheen Khushboo Chouhan Pallavi Gandhi Geethanjali(tale_of_eeshaan) muskan Jain Aradhana Haldan Madhu Joshi Tannu Khtrri Akanksha Gulati Ruchi SaxenaMuskan Jain jessy oberoi saakshi Neha Geetha Desai pooo Alisha Pallavi Gandhi roshni trivedi Shwetha Gurjeet Kaur Deepthi Macharla simmi Sruthi Sing Neelam Pandey Madhuri Rathi Preeti BhartiSindhu Vinod Nara andrea Kittan Nivetha Muralidharan Lifeofmummyandson jugnu singh Rashmi Choudhury Rajashree GhoshShweta Singhvi harpreet Shabeena R Khan Swapnil Dwivedi Mahima Atishaya Kavya Jain

Thanks Madhavi Cholera 😊

Good post...

Gud post dear

Thanks a ton ladies!

Good share👍👍

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