Me & 2019

Ending 2019 officially entering 30's !

Ending 2019 being a mother, now ready to join office as working mother, Hopefully motherhood and career sails through together!

Ending 2019 being a blogger, Just started reading your blogs then writing to vent out all emotions !

Ending 2019 as a better, stronger, emotional stable person thanks to my family and you all.Your blogs helps me to cope with postpartum depression.

Started the decade as College Student, Ended the decade as Banker Mom!

This is ME for YOU –

Unapologetic, Imperfect, Tolerant, Full of Love!

#bbcreatorsclub #bbcontest #lookback2019 #newparent #newmom #unapologeticbong

Khushboo Chouhan

And filled with awesomeness :D :D

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