I became pregnant after alot of treatment so i was very much afraid of what is going inside my womb.

I was alwez nervous abt what during pregnancy.

I am basically from Sahajanpur but my doc was in lucknow so i have to travel alot for my checkups n monthy routine. I have to take appointment prior a week. Once i went to lucknow n my doc was unavailable she flew to USA for some training n all. N at that time nurses present their would not do the scan n all n traveling to lucknow from sahajanpur takes around 3 to 4 hrs n that too in pregnancy is like hell.. it was like the worst when i have to visit doc i use to vomit all the way n after all this u see doc is unavailable u only want to cry..

Their was a junior doc also she just touches the stomach n tell n prescribe all the med n ask to visit after 2 days. In my mind i was thinking ki mai pagal thodi na hu jo aaj a gyi air fir 2 din baad dubara a jaungi.. actually i was having thyroid and i was unable to conceive as my levels were very high. I ate thyroid med for one year n ate other medicines n so many injections n then i got the good news. I was literally crying when i saw 2 lines. I used to cry whenever i saw anyone pregnant.

When i was around 35 week pregnant again i went to lucknow for my regular checkup my doc was again unavailable so that day i decided to go to my mother house n in my neighborhood only their is a hospital n gynecologist is my mother's friend. My mother house n hospital are just connected

So mother also insisted me to come their. I dnt have mother in law so u will take care of me n my baby after delivery this was also a question so i went their on 14th june n my estimated delivery date was 16th july.

I went for a checkup on 19th june n doc did my scan n she said my amniotic fluid was very low around 4cms. She prescribed me 3 days medicine n asked me to come back again. I went after 3 days m she did my internal checkup n said that i m not at all dialated n it will take time as delivery date was also far but fluid was very low acc to her she said we cannot wait in this situation n need to be operated within 2 days. So i decided 24th june as my delivery date. It was planned c section so it was upto me when should i choose.

Doc aunty called me in night before operation that i have to come in morning only at around 10am. In night i was unable to eat anything as i was so scared of operation..n aunty said that in morning just have bread n milk n come not to have so much. That night i couldn't sleep also. Morning i woke up took bath washed my hairs as i knew that i will b unable to wash my hairs for few days n ate bread n had milk.

Den nurse came from hospital to call me to get admit. I was literally shaking at that time. My mom told me tum chalo mai ati hu... (ghar ka hospital ha vo humara) lol....🤣🤣

I went n then i came back as i didn't say my prayers. N den i went back again. I went in my night wears only. Den she injected glucose into my hands n i lied their for 2 hours as my operation was to start at around 12:30

As the time was nearing i was shivering... one of the nurse camen ask me to come to OT. it was the funniest part as i walked myself to OT. ho sakta ha aur b chal kar gye ho

Arrangements were started for my delivery n my hubby was not with me. In my in laws family no one was aware of my sudden delivery they were thinking that it will happen around 16th July only. Me n my hubby decided to gine them sudden surprise even my father in law was also unaware.

Den i was injected at my back it was horrible after that procedure started n i was getting feeling of everything happening with me. My legs were numb n were paining alot n back was also paining alot. I was making faces because of that doc who gave me anaesthesia was asking me y r u making faces, r u in pain, he was continously asking me to show my tongue. At around 1:14 pm i heard the sound of crying n i asked my doc boy or girl she said girl..i was very mom was waiting outside. Then it took around one hour more n den i was shifted to my room. My baby was handed over to nani

It was really very painful for took me around 15 days to recover i was unable to sit for a week. I had a severe headache. I was unable to breastfeed my baby because of headache. My head was not allowing me to sit. I was unable to walk.everyone says normal delivery is very painful. Indeed it is painful i m not experienced in that but yeah i have csection experience n it is also a hell painful. A women who had normal delivery cannot judge the pain that a c section mother had n yes vice versa.. so both the deliveries are painful.

My hubby came to cisit me after 4 days n he was very happy on the day baby was born he burst firecrackers #csectionstory




Agree with you totally dear!! very nicely written & thanks for sharing your delievery story with us!!

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Thanks for sharing ur story.Totally agree with u both deliveries are painful whether it is normal or by csection

I agree with you! Mode of delivery is not important, both deliveries will have some pros and some cons

Exactly both have their own difficulty levels n every women has that magical power to cope with it Khushboo Chouhan

jessy oberoi I think if there were good health facilities in our city we had not undergone this much problems!!

Exactly Gurpreet Vij (Shomy)

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