My C section story:

'Take a deep breath samia,All will be fine pray to God' My gaenecologist was saying that to me when i was on the bed of operation theatre .My c section wasnt predecided but my doctor had to due to complications aroused at the last moment.

There were lot of apprehensions in my mind but was really delighted that soon my baby will arrive and i will be a mother ,thats such a great feeling .

So that cut in your body opens a treasure, a journey ,an experience and many moments that every women longs to see in her life .

I could feel everything going on from the cut to the blood flowing to stretching of skin to something coming out my tummy and making me feel light as if there was some weight kept and now removed and finally my baby crying ,listening to which i was crying like any other mother and first glance at her face was the best thing my eyes have ever seen.

After that i just remember few words that my doctor was saying to me 'congratulations, its a baby girl ',then lost my conciousness due to anesthesia but i still remember i was requesting to see my baby one more time, to which she said sister already took her out of OT to make her meet her other family members.

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Thank you for sharing your c section story with us dear :)

Most welcome dear

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