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Motherhood is challenging, from the day one of conception mother has to face so many struggles. For first time moms knowledge is limited and we won't know what knowledge is required and important. Elders, parents give some advice and it contradicts the information given by the gynac and vice versa.

So here are some tips which may help moms to be prepared for motherhood

* get your medical check up done before 3 months at least so that if u have any ailments which can be cured before you conceive

* lot of information is available on internet but discuss with your doctor ,do not end up with half information.

* stay away from tension ,worries and stress.which inturn will have bad effect on your blood pressure.

* some people develop thyroid problems and diabetes during pregnancy after delivery it comes to normal.

*usually doctors prescribe folic acid tablets for preparing your body for motherhood.

* keep your self hydrated always.

* check your breast nipples with the doctor some will have projected inside which causes problem later after delivery for breastfeeding.

* keep calm, read good books and make you and your hubby ready for the bundle of joy.

* boy or a girl its blessing to you and your family.

*meet friends who has kids or who delivered recently along with your husband which would stimulate the harmones in you.

*keep your bag for the hospital ready by 7 th month or earlier to this

* go for regular check ups and get the prescribed tests done

* be prepared for the bodily changes happening and enjoy the motherhood signs in your body.

* pain in breasts, hardening , swelling in legs , morning sickness and vomiting , tiredness, cravings, itching in the tummy area are normally faced by every woman during their pregnancy, some will even have back pain. If its bareable no need to take medicine, if it goes to some extreme where u feel u can't tolerate go to your gynac, she/ he will prescribe medication.

* don't take random medications from chemists , u need to consult your gynac before taking any medications even for cold.

* some will have congestion in nose due to hormonal changes.

* eat in regular intervals once in 4 hours vomiting sensation will reduce

*try to go for walk regularly which will loosen pelvic muscles, gynac will tell you some excercises which may help you to prepare your body for normal delivery follow that strictly.

* during the last month some will sleeplessness and body itching .

*if u see the sudden flow of water from genital area it means that your water has broken u need to rush to the hospital with your bag

* if u get pain which comes with regular intervals and increases after each interval then it is pain for delivery.

*symptoms will not same for everyone each one will have different.

*last month check ups will be weekly basis.

*eat good fresh food ,fruits etc and eat what you like but in moderation. Try not to be constipated in the last month. Some foods are to be avoided .u will get this information with your gynac.

* first 3 months do not lift or do any work which causes pressure on your womb.

* cut your nails and remove gold while going to the hospital for delivery.

These are the tips which I followed during my delivery. Moms feel free to add some more in the comments section so that the mom who reads this gets moral support.

very helpful tips... cute baby!! thanks for sharing dear !!


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amazingly written thank you for sharing

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