Hey,mommy are you too get stressed when your child’s meal time get closer? If yes...don’t be ..🙂 take deep breath , I have some great tips cum hack for making your kid eat & finish plate happily without any fuss!

Trust me I am not going to tell you any of difficult hacks these are from experience which I have tried with Yuvisha!

I believe in your child from the very first day is very important so first in today’s post will discuss how to train a child so that he never be a fussy eater!

1)Don’t delay introducing lumpy foods most children will manage lumpy foods by 7-8 months.

2)From the very beginning (when you start solids)Have a timetable for your kids meals & try to follow it most of the times . It helps them to know that now it’s time to eat !

3)Make sure you are planing time table according to there hunger pangs

Start teaching them from beginning to tell you that they are hungry , I only serve meal to yuvisha when she tells me “mumma mum mum khana hai” I never offer her by myself (this makes them responsible for finishing meal)

Show them what’s there in the menu for them & tell them that they have to finish all things from the plate (here you have to be little strict from beginning ..strict doesn’t means that you have to force them

Don’t let them eat anything before half an hour of meal time! If they do simply feed them in later hours!

4)Have chair or fix place ask them only where they would like to seat..for begging you can take some toys or books with you.. so that they wont run away..& will enjoy eating change the place once in while..stop offering if they are roming here & there ..!dont run behind them just because you want them to eat!

5)Give different food item like you can make different subjis Or you can add sweet dish to there plate but don’t give them decorated plates because once it gets in to there habit they will tend to do more fuss if you don’t decorate it for them! It’s ok if you give it once in while so that they won’t get bored train them to eat simple like all other elders in home!

6)Show them how other family members they finish their plates children love to copy their adults.

7)Let them eat themselves at a times ..they enjoy it more!

8)Praise them if they eat properly it will encourage them to do the same every time

9)As mumma we know there tastes try & make food of their tastes or add there favourite item in plate #shalakasays #bbccreatorsclub #babychakracreatorclub

Meal time is the most important time and you have very nicely written all the points to take care of :) Thanks dear, also the correct hashtag is #BBCreatorsClub

Nice information

Agree with all the points.

very helpful post dear.. fully agree!!

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