A new mother, a new journey, now almost going to be a year this January. Last year has been an unforgettable one. A year which started with the much awaited voyage of my life, my motherhood journey. However, I had faced few health issues during my pregnancy. The first trimester was the toughest part. I could hardly eat something. Instead of gaining weight, I kept losing. I was extremely worried, both for myself and for my unborn. The second and the third trimester were too not so easy. I couldn't eat as per requirement. I felt as if I have no space in my tummy. I knew I was not prepared mentally as well as physically to deliver my child normally. I don't want to feel the labour pain speaking frankly. I knew I was weak. The final checkup and than I decided, after 15 days if my baby is matured inside my womb, I am ready for c- section. The choice was not so easy. But, I did it. Seven days prior to the given date, I got admitted and got ready for the big day. Today I am a mother of a baby girl. Sometime, we have to go against the law of time and take decisions when the intuition actually compels.

#CsectionStory #Mydelivery

#csectionstory #mydelivery

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Wow! You are a strong girl! Thank you for sharing you story with me! Would like to invite you for creators club, Please share your email id at

great thank you for sharing

agree! nicely written!

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