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Male Gynecologist vs Female Gynecologist

Why we are not comfy with male gyneacologists in India....?

I have always had a lady gynecologist, though I have been examined by male surgeons and radiologists before. In fact the anesthetist who scrubbed in for my c-section happened to be a male dr and he was super nice! Before getting on to the table i had a contraction and he gently told me, don't worry, this is your last one :)

I'm not a shy person. And yet, for some strange reason, it has never occurred to me to go to a male gynecologist! I'm not sure why?! In fact the leading most gynecologist in my city is a male one!

26 years ago, my sister delivered my nephew. Her dr (lady) was to travel and checked my sister the day she left and was sure she wouldn't deliver before she was back. Well my sister went into labour the same night and a male dr took over her case. He and my sister had an academic argument over not using forceps for her delivery. Long story short, I didn't enjoy listening to the heated discussion while sitting outside :( I don't know if that left some sort of lasting impression on my mind.

My questions are:

1) do any of you have a male gynecologist? if so please tell us the things he is excellent with!!

2) have you ever visited a male gynecologist? how was your experience?

3) would you be able to ask all of your questions to a male dr every time you went for a check up as you would with a lady doctor?

4) would you be comfy with a male dr delivering your baby?

5) given a choice of the best dr in the city who is a male vs second best dr who is a female - who would u choose?

Please share your point of view - I would love to know how things have changed since I delivered my baby 10 years back!

Satyam Sharma Rebecca Prakash nancy singh Shiny Vincent Shipra Dang Kritika Lall Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Sumira Bhatia Prachi do share ur views!

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Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M Dr.Dhanya Prajesh wud love to hear ur oerspective as it wud be diff from us non medicos :)

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Di, Wow such an awesome topic,
Yes I was under the supervision of a male dr. Dr. Sachin Gothi till 7th month of my pregnancy, I would have never left his supervision if I had an option.
He is excellent with everything I would say, he used to explain everything I had to ask very patiently and would proactively explain the details of the medicine he would suggest and would explain every report in detail.
He used to ask my husband if he has any questions and before checking me he would always take permission whether I am comfortable or not. I was very comfortable asking him my doubts. If given a choice I would have defenately choosed him to deliver my baby. 😊

My response
1) do any of you have a male gynecologist? if so please tell us the things he is excellent with!! - I have a female doctor, honestly I never heard of any good male gyanecologist in Gurgaon. May be my knowledge here is limited
2) have you ever visited a male gynecologist? how was your experience? - yes when I was a little girl, aged 12 years. I still remember his name, Dr Dey, he was a serving doctor in IAF, probably the bestest of the lot. He did my mumma's hysterectomy too my parents preferred him over anybody else. I consulted him for a very weird issue, my height was not increasing so there was a physician who suggested an ultrasound to see the growth of my uterus and ovaries, when ultrasound was done the radiologist could not see anything, they doubted if I had the right chromosome mix. So Dey uncle had to an internal examination, and he did it in the most friendly manner explaining me what he needs to do. Yes if I had an option of going back to him I would have preferred him over anybody else.
3) would you be able to ask all of your questions to a male dr every time you went for a check up as you would with a lady doctor? - yes I believe that doctor needs to know everything about you and hence one shud be comfortable asking questions.
4) would you be comfy with a male dr delivering your baby? During my D&C there was a group of males in the Operation theatre including the anaesthetic, I remember one of the male nurse helped the female nurse to fix my leg on the stand. Honestly they r doing their job, so even if you are shy it does not help much!
5) given a choice of the best dr in the city who is a male vs second best dr who is a female - who would u choose? Best male doctor any day!

I would prefer female gynecologist only.. just I would be comfortable with her..
I even had male staff - for anesthesia or other last minute preparation...

Well...i will never go to any male gynaecologist...because I personally don't trust other men...The reason is that I am a victim of child abuse...so...its totally my personal point of view. Although i know a very good male gynaecologist in apple hospital pune.
I can ask them verbally anything but no touching please!

My gynaec wis male. Everyone in the OT were male except 2 asst. Docs and 2 nurses. My doc is very professional and always ready to solve all queries. It is his job since many years, hence he was normal and I felt comfortable too.

It's weird!! You just made me think. I think it's about being naked in front of someone. A lot of us are not open to our lady gynecologist either, so the shame or rather shyness is always there

good topic ji, i never visit to male gyna, im comfortable with female. but during my c section ther are male staffs in the labour room , finally a male nurse only cleaned from my tummy to down i really really felt bad n shy.. also i don't lik other men to touch me.
i always prefer female doctors to ask questions without any hesitation 

I had been to 2 male gynae before one of them referred to my current female gynae.
Its all in your mind..a doctor is a doctor, he is meant to help you. If a male gynae is good enough why wouldnt you want to go thr?
Inspite of me going to a female all thru my pregnancy....when i was in O.T there were 2 male doctors too...one the anesthesiologist and the pediatrician.

Lovely post...mine was male gyn.
And i was very comfortable wd him he had explained me everything​ very nicely..
Even in OT There we're 3 male doctor..
I think it also depends on doctor how he treat their patient .then slowly patient bcom comfortable with male gyn too.
I choose male gyn because I was left out with no option...that time there was no female gyn available...

Wow fantastic talk....well Asha I was a n introvert shy kinda person I wasn't open even with my Mom.I guess all girls are like this only....but after marriage I was introduced to a very strange world which is actually not coomon...anyways that's a different track....so come to the point....I was desperate to become a mother but wasn't aware to whom I should approach,to whom I can trust.How one react? etc etc.As I told you I wasn't free with my Mom so didn't share anything with her....I have good friends but at some point I wasn't feeling comfortable to share with them as well.So was loosing hope which was affectong my health as well.Then one fine day my best friend came to meet me(the only friend of mine we are transparent to each other we trust and help with out judging eachother)I told her each n everything about me n my marriage then she suggested to meet Dr. Ameya Purandare; (yes...male Gyneac)I was so nervous how will I say about my issue to him...but she took me their and told he is a best doctor he recently handled a critical case of her cousin's sister and she delivered a baby just now,will go n c the baby n u can meet the doctor as well.Till the time I was waiting outside of his room I was feeling like I should dig the ground n hide myself..how will I talk to him on this what will I say bla bla bla was running in mind,then he called me inside...my friend was with her cousin so I had to go alone.He asked what's the matter...the way he asked was just like someone very close to me showing concern and I started from A to Z I just kept my shyness aside as he was the only hope.He listened to me very calmly he made me assure he understand the issue he told me to bring Salman to meet him and also with my request he assured me he won't disclose my first meeting. From then till the date I have complete faith in him. He is a best Gynaecologist.He is friendly too.His entire family is very down to earth. He never misguided and exaggerated things...always advised me the best. My both kids are normally delivered by him only.When Azzu was born his Mom assisted him now after 7 yrs at Arhaan's time his wife was helping him,she is also a good pediatrician.
I agree at many times I felt uncomfortable but suppressed the feeling with the thought he is a doctor and a best person for my baby I used feel safe.My entire family trust him a lot and everybody knows if Dr. Ameya has suggested something it's to be done as he always care for his patients first.

I won't ever be comfortable with a male gynaec examining me,; I am not even comfortable with a female gynaec for internal check up

never ever. I preferred female gynae both the time. it's too uncomfortable and the shyness is always there.

ohhh always debate topic between my PG batchmates!!! i should tell- my batch consisted of 15 pg students among 6 were male students and 9 were female.. they used to curse OBG subject like anything!!!! yes, they choosed this as there were left with none,,, not by their own interest!!! how pity right,, now just think how they have completed 3 long years with almost practical part... now the reason is - female patient dont wanna consult a male OBG or her family dont want choose a male doctor.. and a famous dialogue is- aadmi kya pata chalta he aurat ka bimari 😐 in this situation what they should do!!! i remeber a senior of mine who got a obg seat in pg entrance and later he left that seat and tried next year and got neurology.. okay coming to my own batchmates- 6 people are doing practice in private sectors like apollo fortis nimhans etc etc well famous hospitals and they complain now also that- "shilpitha, in a posh city like b'lore also they will enquire in reception that i want to consult a female gynec, ab batao kya kare "...  i personally had c- section by a male gynec who was my hubby's colleague and anesthetist was a female doctor- also a colleague of my hubby!!!! being a female gynec, i accept that women hesitate to ask some queries to male gynec.. they feel more free with female ones!!!

I would any day prefer a female gynae die to the following
A. I would be able to ask her everything
B. While doing internal check up i would be far more comfortable
C. Sinve she would also gave gone through the process of 9 months and subsequent delivery n feeding, in my personal opinion, she would be in a better position to understand me physically n psychologically.
Although my mother alqays had a male gynae coz he was the best and she was comfortable.. i opted for a female gynae..6

So far I have consulted 2 male gynaecologist I dint not get the results that's a different story but I was comfortable with both. Whenever there is a scan or check up inside there were nurses with them, they dint leave the room even for a 2nd. My last doctor was 85 plus male doctor and I was so comfortable with him that I dint want to leave that doctor and consult my current one. When I use to tell my relatives in south that I'm consulting a male doctor they use to get surprised or make faces. What's important is how they treat you, women has this special power we immediately recognise the touch so if we feel the doctor's touch or conversation is inappropriate then don't consult him. Yes I will be comfortable if its a male doctor delivering my baby.

I was consulting female doctrs , but I was not satisfied with her. As I came 2 my in laws place, consulted a male gyno . Till now I m comfrtble with him; male or female is not the matter. Their response nd way of consulting matters

I had a male gynaec..male radiologist too for my preg... i find male gynaecs more understandin...tey hear our problems more . ..that doesn mean female doctors dont...females take it lighter...its like i hv discharge ...female doctor wil be..its ok... but male wil be like wat type..hw ..etc..maybe coz tey never experienced!!female doctors hv personal experience in preg or periods etc but for males its only knowledge....so tey r more into listenin..but ter r some female doctors who listen too...even in labor male doctors hv sympathy but females no no no....for pregnancy i ll prefer male ..but after delivery its female gynaec d best..tey ll help out in breast feedin queries etc..its awkward wen males do internal examination...u ll be so bothered hw ur things look..clean shaved ...
I remember my frend who too hd a male gynaec used to shave an even put deodorant before scan an examination an her best underwear too...
This is jus my simple views...female or male its all d same in d end..but in kerala now male gynaecs are in demand..more coz tey are available at any time..

Patiala being a small City as it is has mostly female ob gyns. And all the best ones are female . . When I had a dnc , it was under a female doc accompanied by a lot of male attendants and the anesthesiologist was a male doc! Would I be comfortable with a male doc? I guess with it the initial hitch , it was with my female doc as well . . The first time ! Hehe but after then you are okay so I guess it would be the same with me. I don't think I would be shy in speaking to a male doc as well . . I have had make doctors perform an ultrasound and a fetal echo and I was okay with them . . So yeah

M consulting a male gynec... N m very much comfortable with him now...in first 2 visits I was feeling so shy while asking anything to him... but then I realized I choose him over a female gynec... It's was my choice.. and nobody forced me to do that... And my baby is my priority so why to feel shy in asking anything to him... And trust me from that time I started asking him my queries n his response; for my queries is very satisfying.... N m very much comfortable with him; now...n yes; m; comfortable in delivering my baby with male gynec.... As I know he knows my case very well... Answers my queries... N got a confidence that he can operate me properly; during my delivery

I never had a male gynec but i would be open to one. For me its a professional relationship. I guess a woman in general is more comfortable talking intimate topics with a fellow woman. I wouldnt mind. Aslong as he is a good dr i ll be happy. Nice topic asha chaudhry

I m loving this thread so so much!!! I am out with my childoo - once i m back i m gonna reply each comment!!! Wow such an eye opener! Am thrilled!

No male gynaecologist for me, for the very simple reason that I am too shy when it comes to my body, or discussing something intimate, I didn't even open up with my female gynec, I would always tell hubby to ask questions 🙈 but after giving birth it feels different. Now I can discuss topics freely with my doc but still not yet ready for a male doc.

I had male doc for all my ultrasounds but for delivery i would choose female gynac only bcz il feel vry vrryyyy shy spreading my legs in frnt of him!😂

I take time to open up with anyone... At first I was shy to talk to the female gynaecologist too... So thinking of male was not at all in scene. But my radiologist was male and even in the OT there were males...
Now I can consult male gynaecologist too as doctors are just doctors no matter male or female...And male docs always keep in mind that the patients are comfortable...

I am a very shy person that ways. I once met a male gynaecologist and though her seemed to be an expert, I wasn't convinced by his treatment. And wasn't comfortable too. I think it's more coz we are conditioned this way since beginning. When my delivery happened there were lots of males in the room. It was totally a normal scenario for them but the thought that there were men in the room unsettled me for a min. Later I didn't care or would say wasn't in a condition to care. Frankly for docs it's their profession. The stereotyping is more in our mindset

And I'm not here to offend anyone but I always felt comfortable with male bosses than female bosses. ☺

I have male gynac and he is very much in demand here..he is very knowledgeable and he is always very patient even if I ask him silly questions..even he does scans and gives me all required info!

I had a female gynec n female radiologist. I didnt choose them bcoz i didnt want a male doctor. It just happened tht way.
Im ok with either as long as i have my comfort level n i can ask questions n feel cared for. Most well-known gynecs in my college were males.
Having said tht, I completely understand tht many females; want female gynecs, female radiologist etc. Bcoz they dont feel comfortable.
I get many references fr transvaginal scans over my male counterparts.
But when we talk abt female comfort, we should also understand tht even men can feel uncomfortable in front of female staff. I have had some male pts being uncomfortable n anxious for me doing their scrotal scans. But they were ok after i spoke to them n explained procedure. So its all a matter of comfort level.

When i first went for a checkup with my husband and i saw he is a male gynec i was really not comfortable talking to him..; i had a talk with manish regarding the same and he said its okay if a male gynec is treating u..; dont worry.; B strong and ask whatever cmes to ur mind.; N he promised to be with me in every checkup.; This gave me some strength n frm the 2nd visit onwards i was really fyn with him.; Infact the day my reports came positive my gynec sent us for Sonography and the sonography doctor too was male..
1) yes i had male gynec.; He was very precise and explained each of my doubt detailed which made me more clear abt my twin pregnancy.
2)my experience is really good with him.
3)yes i was able to ask him each n every doubt that came to my mind whenever i went for my visit.
4) My delivery was done by both male gynecs.
5) I would choose male doctor as i have got a trust with my experience.

i had a male gynec... oh i must say i love him!!! Don't get me wrong, lol... but everyone who visits that hospital would want to be examined by him... he was so caring and patient, it was always reassuring to consult with him. He's one of the best best doctors i have seen in my life(and I am very picky)... i have been to both female and male gynecs, and on a y given day, i would pick the male gynecs. because i have found them to be more sensitive and caring to our problems...

It does not matter to me whether my gynaecologist is male or female. My laproscopy and IVF procedures were done by male gynaecologist and initial 3 months of transvaginal scanning was done by him only. After 3 months I was shifted from IVF deptt to gynaecology deptt where all gynaecologists are females. Doctor is a doctor, there is no male or female in it. I was perfectly ok asking my male gynaecologists all types of questions. He was just a doctor for me not a male person peeping into my vagina.

Again I had to applaud my husband in this because he is someone who doesn't restrict or question or judge my character, I don't have many male friends but my very close chilhood frn is a male so whenever we visit my husband will insist that i surprise him or visit him. So basically he doesn't have that mindset "my wife should not talk with males". So he never made be shy guilty while going for transvaginal scan or check up with male doctors, so i think it was easy because of him.

I had a male gynac in my first pregnancy (which couldn't be successful for various other reasons). But I was okay with a male gynac. I never had any preference.

@asha chaudhary. My gynac is male. He's handsome (wink!) He's bindaas, He's more sensitive than the female gyne i went to. More encouraging. My husband could communicate better with him

My doctor was lady gyno.. though radiologist and anesthetist was male.. if I had male gyno also, I think I would be comfortable to ask my queries. As my cousin brother's and mama are doctors.. I used to ask my questions to them during my pregnancy with out shy.

Asha Chaudhary during my pregnancy when it was decided that i will come to my mom's place the main point of concern was which gynec to b chosen fr delievery.. as here in mumbai i was consulting female doc n believe me.my pregnacy was my frst ever experience to visit a gynec doc.. but when i asked about doctr to my mom she told me bout dr arun gupta here.. firstly i was like a big no... just coz of a male doc but den my mom convinced me n said ki beta koi b doc ho female ya male labour room me u never knew who is goin to attend female doc k sath b male assistant ho sakte hai jo ki majorly tumhe attend karenge n us waqt u will only feel ki chahe koi b ho just take out my lo...
I agreed to her point.. but really when i met dr gupta i was soo happy.. what a gr8 doc.. hw is having more den 35 + yrs of exp..n still he is considered to b d best one.. so it hardly matters whicb doc to chose...

M not meet any male gynec. .bt yes i was prefer fmale for both of my delivery ...coz m shy girl n really want to share that m hated male dr. ..coz many times i see their's bad behaviour wid girl. ..ya ya. .We can't judge all male dr from that but donno. ....stay away. ...

I would definitely choose a female gynecologist bcoz i ll b comfortable discussing everything with her. For fact my c section was done by a male surgeon accompanied by a female gynecologist. I feel it's easy for a female doctor to understand mental and physical changes to a very good point than a male doctor for a journey of 9months. Like you might be Papa's pari but still you would like to discuss something's only with your mom. With mom you are open and happy; as same as you need to b an open book with your gynecologist 😬

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