It is absolutely your choice.. there are pros n cons of both diapers and nappies... Diapers : they have absorbing capacity so it helps baby to sleep properly also it is manageable for a mother too..since its just use and throw.. but problem with diaper is that it can cause rashes, it doesn't allow tht part of skin to breathe properly doesn't let baby to pass gas, also if proper moisturizer is not applied, it leads to skin darkening at tht area.. also diapers are not environment friendly and are costly too

Nappies: they r soft for the skin, causes less rashes or No rash as compared to diapers, lets ur baby pass gas easily n the skin gets oxygen too.. doesnt cause skin darkening.. and it is environment friendly and pocket friendly too....but problem is when it gets wet it disturbs ur baby... If he is sleeping, it irritates them.... If wet nappies r left unattended,the skin absorbs wetness n this can cause itching and infect sometimes... washing is very hectic part...

But my personal Suggestion is go for both nappies and diaper...

During day time,use nappies and use diaper during night time.. N most important.. every baby since day 1 gives signal when he pees or does potty... Notice those signs and train the baby for it accordingly.. this will also save your time from those messy nappies... Believe me , my baby is just 2 months old and he is 100% trained for susu n potty... He gives signals n we take him to the washroom... He doesn't wet his nappies and hence we don't need to use diaper too #babytraining

#pottytraining #nappies #diaperbabies #babyskincare

very helpful share! nicely written !

So well written

very well written.. keep sharing !!

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