6 health goals you can actually instil in your kids this 2020, know how!

Kick starting the new year, sweeping into resolutions can be tough to stick to. These smaller ones, however, are much easier and can bring a change in your kid’s eating habits.

Engaging your kids to eat clean and green while promoting health benefits and nutrition value should be a vital goal for every parent.

1. Create social and physical environments that promote good health for kids :

It is very essential to maintain a healthy social environment for kids these days that helps them grow mentally and emotionally respectively. Provided giving them physical play time by taking them to gardens and play areas because we live in a generation where our homes are more compact. So playing in fresh air should be carried out atleast thrice a week.

2. Including a salad in atleast one meal a day :

This can be a great way to develop clean eating habits while ensuring all nutrients reach the body for healthy functionality. The salad bowls can be made fun by adding their favourite veggies and hiding that aren’t their favourite. Also, cutting them into fun shapes and sizes making it more eye catching!

3. Green leafy vegetables are a must to include in children’s diet :

Most of the kids often abstain from eating what is green on their plates and the struggle gets real to make them eat. What can be a solution to this? You can add these green leafy veggies in pureed legume curry or even finely chop it and add in their salad bowls. Moreover, trying out new recipes can work wonders, or making a platter look creative for example making a peacock with green feathers of spinach and something like that.

4. Eating atleast two fruits daily should be first thing on the list :

Stock up fruits that you’d need for a week. You can simply begin including fruits in their diet with milkshakes by adding one or two fruits and milk of course. The best way may even be to make fruity snack bowls by adding jelly, topping with ice cream and crushed nuts.

5. Including protein in diet through eggs, tofu and curd :

This one should be more to ponder on as proteins are a must for a healthy growth in children. By simply adding a tablespoon of curd in their meal or even in salad daily can ensure providing them with balanced nutrients. The meal time can be made nutritious with boiled or scrambled eggs and butter fried tofu enhancing more taste to their food.

6. Maintaining a balanced diet by avoiding outside or junk food :

This is rather one major issue with the generation today, eating a lot of outside or junk food. It can be controlled by making homemade snacks more fun and nutritious by trying new recipes. Baking and frying in less oil can be a great way to maintain their health from the very beginning.

These simple steps should be carried out on a daily basis to instil good eating habits in kids today and as well as in the coming years. Because what they feed today they’ll continue as a habit throughout their lives. So as a gift of new year to your little one..this can be a great initiative!

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