My journey on Babychakra so far has been a joyful one.


I started this page to bring in awareness for creating wealth/habit of savings in people, while enjoying the now moments of life.

Any person salaried/business/working/non-working/work from home/student can inculcate a habit of small savings.

All you need is

✅ Determination to start savings

✅ Have an account to make way for savings

✅ Know the right product to invest in

✅ Know the financial goal

✅ Need to know when to withdraw


Let's start today to make tomorrow easy

Happy Monday, happy savings 💗

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very nice journey

Not only your points are amazing, the pics are superb as well

very nice piicha

Nice dear saving's very important

superb picture & post too dear.. thanks for sharing!

Lovely pic & post

Thank you Andrea Kittan Imran Chana Bhavna Anadkat preet sanghu

Thank you Khushboo Chouhan ❣️❣️

Thank you Madhavi Cholera 💗

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