Helo 👋 January 2020

Activity Corner

We are here with Drop and Paint ☝️ Jelly Fish Salt Painting

How we did :

Cardstock paper

Glue (white )fevicol

Food coloring


How we did we play :

Draw jelly fish picture apply glue all over it .

Slowly sprinkle salt over it.

Tap it

Take a paint tray pour all the colour

Dip the brush on the color start dropping the color over the jelly fish u can use dropper also .

Tada Fun way play way learn way ☝️ #subhapost #aryanpost #activitiesbyaryan #childrensactivities #artandcraftactivityforkids #learningthroughplay #busytoddler #kindergarten #saltpainting #bbcreators #bbcreatorspost #bbcreatorsclub #babychakra

Its amazing idea.. Thanks for sharing

wow!!! this sounds so easy and so fun!! Subhasini, next time please make the video and share with us

very interesting thank you for sharing

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