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This is one of the things that I make every week atleast once just coz of the goodness of Fenugreek leaves in it. I love my greens but I dont see that passing onto my son. So the only way to feed him is by making paratha and I can see him loving this version for sure.

Methi Paratha for toddlers:

✅Take half a bunch of methi leaves

✅Wash it thoroughly under tap water

✅In a mixer jar put the leaves, small onion,3 garlic pods,around half inch ginger, 1/2tsp jeera ,salt, and a small green chilly (optional)

✅Grind this into a thin paste

✅Pour the mixture in the wheat flour and make a dough. Mostly water wont be needed.

✅ Make a medium sized paratha and roast it on the pan with ghee or olive oil. And you are done. You can serve it with homemade makkhan or curd or chutney.

I have served him with Marinara Sauce which is a milder and better version of tomato sauce.


➡️ you can use the same ingredients for adults too just the quantity would change and yes with green chillies pls.

😊😂🥳 Super #easypeasy #delicious #healthyfood heartwarming recipe in this winter for your toddler is here.

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very well written

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