• Story Time with Grachel •

-Night Terrors-

An occurrence which has been causing anxiety, sweats and terror in the hearts of parents (especially moms).

I, just like every mother out there hate seeing M go through these nightly episodes of terrors; which consists of him wailing and screaming with eyes closed, hiccuping in terror and keening like a wounded wolf babe. With no ‘cure’ or ‘solution’.

From a child who would zzz through the night, M has now become a toddler who has more than the occasional night terrors. Our (my husband and I) guess is that, it’s either a growth spurt or teething that’s causing these.

Unlike nightmares, I cannot get M to wake up and soothe him back to sleep. I can just hold, hug and hum to him while his heart relaxes back into a terror free sleep.

Yes, it’s emotionally and physically exhausting. Draining to my mamma soul. Terrible for M and my circadian rhythms (24 hour day and night cycle); but, this time with M close to my heart, snugly fit in my arms will soon pass. This time of terror as draining that it is, I will soon miss.

Till then I’ve decided to strive to breathe-in and breathe-out. Hug Miku and deliver him a sleep knockout. Because, this time will soon pass, when he will need my arms.

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