Winter season is a season which brings cold and cough along with it. Adding turmeric powder and pepper powder along with warm milk can cure cold and cough. Lactating mothers add little of pepper powder as it may affect the baby as well. If the baby catches cold lactating mothers take care not to eat cold items, always prefer warm food, and mother's milk is the best remedy for children who feed on breast milk.

Tulsi, ajjwain leaves, boiled in hot water is best recipe for cold and cough for children above 2 years. Its a natural remedy which cures cough and cold

Tulsi leaves - 7 to 8

Ajjwain leaves - 2 to 3

Water 1 glass

Take 1 glass of water, add tulsi leaves and ajjwain leaves and boil the water, when it becomes lukewarm strain the water and drink it. If you wish you could eat the leaves as well. For children just strain the water and give #WinterRecipes #CreatorsClub #babyhealth

Very helpful remedy ..Thanks for sharing.

Thanks durga

much helpful..i add little jaggery or honey after kids drink without fuss..!

Helpful tips dear

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