Left, right, what?

Okay this everyday confusion is common. Turns out that there are a couple of reasons for this. One being the vantage point, your left might be right for others . Also another one is arbitrary.

With kids we often find them wearing footwear the quirkier way. You know what I mean, right?

The left right confusion might hurt kid's math. They might want to write 45 and end up with 54.

So, here are few ways to learn and practice left; and right.

1️⃣ Mirror mirror in the wall...

Wear two different colors/designs socks in kid's hand. Play puppet with socks. Ask to raise left hand.

2️⃣ Follow instructions

Place kid's cars or dolls or any toy as set of three. Make a story and ask about the character in right. Oh yes, this involves lots of talking.

Proceed further and ask kid to bring the bottle on the left.

3️⃣ Ask for directions

What to go to park? Great! Let the child lead the way, keep asking about directions. Do we need to take a left turn now? Ask.

For older children add variations. You can bring an array of fun filled activities with arrows and involving gross motor skills.

For more low preparation activities and learning check #activitieswithPenguin

Keep encouraging your child! #LifeWithMyPenguin #leftandright #earlylearning #earlymaths #earlyyearseducation #senseofdirection #followthechild #childled #learningisfun #playandlearn

such an awesome post dear... very nice picture !!

Thank you Madhavi

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