Sharing experiences- LIFES A ROLLER COASTER.

Yesterday we lost two of our newly joined colleagues. It was a sad moment and while getting the families prepared for the hard reality, somewhere I realised that savings do matter.

In exigencies like these having a strong financial backup, helps is not only being stronger but also able to pool in resources on time.

Though it's a tragedy which no family should suffer, but be prepared for anything that life throws should also be taken care.

I always stress upon-

1. Having liquid savings

2. Have a credit card for emergency with unutilised limit

3. Having a term plan

4. Having a health insurance

Be prepared and be safe

A heartfelt post today for all my dear friends 🙏🙏

#bbcreatorsclub #dashwithkrisha #sometips

Helpful post n beautiful pic dear..

Thank you durga_(shanayafirstrayofsun) just felt bad on how family had funds shortage and how it was the need of the hour

very important thank you for sharing

Omg...! Agree with you totally dear.. thanks for sharing..

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