As we all know the benefits of eating healthy while pregnant but many moms to be like me are always confused as to what to eat as a snack for that mid-day or evening hunger pangs. So I’m listing some healthy easily available snacks options below.

Some healthy snacks ideas for pregnancy:-

* Spinach mint juice

* Oatmeal

* Shakes,juices and smoothies

* Fruit chat

* Sweet potato

* Sandwiches

* Paneer chat

* Dry fruits

* Grilled chicken

* Poha

* Soups

* Halwa

These are some healthy options which we can stick to. Or any recipe ask me in the comment.

And here are some foods to be avoided:-

* Packaged and processed foods

* Soda,cola and other fizzy artificial drinks

* Frozen foods

#shireenwrites #bbcreatorsclub #pregnancy #parenting #snacks Khushboo Chouhan

very nice informative tips

Thank you Shireen, I think its a good list for all the mums :)

Thanks 😊 Imran Chana

Glad :) Khushboo Chouhan

very helpful share dear!!

Thanks 😊 Madhavi Cholera

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