It has been almost a month since I have been away from BabyChakra. I had been busy with planning and packing since I had to fly back to India.;

With that phase finally being over, I thought to share this pic of my daughter. She is busy with colouring some pictures while we were busy gulping down a large dosa.😂 I missed it badly!

And while she did the colouring, something struck me. While my daughter does love everything about colours, not all toddlers love it. So, if you want your toddler to get busy with colours yet doesn't seem to be interested in them, here I give some practical tips that might instill the love of colours in your child.

Introduce all the primary colours. You may tell the name of each colour with everyday objects or with the dresses they wear. They need to know which colour is what.

Introduce either wax crayons or oil pastels. I got a complete set of hexagonal shaped oil pastels which are easy for my child's grip. If you ask what's wrong with pencil crayons, let me tell you those have lesser attraction. They are lighter which might not attract the child and may not inculcate his love for art. That's one mistake I did. Please don't do that!

Buy quality and separate set of colours. You might get excited about buying an entire set of all types of colours. But trust me, those sets compromise with quality. Buy separate sets and of decent quality. If the colours don't pop up, your child might hate the entire idea.

Participate with your child. Your child will never understand the very basics of colouring unless you literally sit down and colour with him. Sit with your child, draw some random figures and tell your child to colour one while you fill the other. He will surely imitate your actions. Besides, this will also increase your bond with child.

Buy colouring books. And with that, I don't mean to get some random black and white books. Get your child colouring book that already has an illustration beside. This will help him understand which objects contain which colours, thereby increasing his basic knowledge as well.

Finally, when you have already done the above steps, let your child colour when he wants. Or just set a fixed time everyday when he is only supposed to colour pictures. Don't disturb him when he's busy with his job. Sooner or later, he will be great with art.;

Did you like the tips? Let me know in the comments. 😊

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Khushboo Chouhan Madhavi Cholera

superb pic & post too dear.. missed you really a lot ! thanks for sharing !!

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