I noticed my son getting more experienced in feeding himself. These signs of independence and readiness to self-feed can include grabbing the spoon while I'm holding it, reaching for food plate, and even grabbing other objects, like toys, and bringing them to his mouth.

Once baby starts showing an interest in feeding himself, it’s critical to provide many opportunities for him to practice this skill. The key to mastering self-feeding is to let him try, try and try again.

A good way to start is to place a few pieces of food on your baby’s highchair tray. I let him feel it. He started playing with it, but that’s actually how he learns. Initially, baby grasp for the food with a raking motion, using the entire fist to move the food toward his mouth. Eventually, he develop a fine motor skill of grabbing the food with the thumb and forefinger, called the pincer grasp. I just keept trying at other meals throughout the day.

The foods I gave for my baby to practice self-feeding was soft and easily mashed.

Small pieces of ripe, soft bananas, avocados, peaches or kiwi

Soft cooked sweet potatoes, peas, or carrots

Grated or soft cooked apples and pears

Soft cooked whole grain pasta

Cubes, strings, or small pieces of cheese

Shreds or small diced pieces of cooked chicken, fish.

Foods that pose a risk of choking I avoided.

After self-feeding with his hands, the next step I offered was utensils.

Once my baby has gotten the hang of dipping the utensil into the food and bringing it to his mouth, I consider giving him his own small bowl.

And now see he seats with his bowl alone and eat but does masti all the time by putting some eating food in his nose, pour some out, very funny na.

But I just love to see him having his meal alone... #momlovebrosis #BBCreatorsClub #toddler #foodtime #mastitime

very helpful post. super cute pic...thanks for sharing!

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