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“Use your polite words” , “Behave appropriately”, “Wait for your turn ” , “Focus on your work”, “Share your things” are the phrases we teach our children everyday ! Kids are expected to have good manners and their parents earn more respect for their good behaviour


How do kids learn to behave properly :

- When they see good behaviour around them

- When parents read moral / good behaviour books to them

- When the parents give positive reinforcement to kids

- When the environment around them is positive

- At last if you want your child to have good manners, you must make sure you do as well


I read to Aira 3-4 times a day and books make her real happy ! We came across DINO STAURY books and I must say they have a super collection of books . All their books have activities along with the stories which teach children about important cultural values .

We got Manners, Uff : the story introduces the concept of a “Manners Corner” as the mother’s way of disciplining her children . And eventually the child learns that life with manners is not just more orderly but more fun


What’s inside : 👉🏻manner chart to encourage good manners 👉🏻stickers to make your own Staury 👉🏻intriguing questions 👉🏻activity to help learn good manners


DinoStaury has many other books based on importance of sharing , giving and helping, caring for the environment and many more

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lovely!!! This book looks so creative :)

super one this is too !! thanks for sharing dear ! great post!

Woww m in love with this book

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