How to take care of baby’s gums and emerging teeth?

🖍First question which comes in every mom’s mind

🤔Do I need to clean my baby's gums before his teeth come in?

Yes make an habit of cleaning your baby’s gums with soft wash cloth during bath time.

Bacteria may not emerge before teeth but with this baby will have habit of mouth cleaning and will not face any problem while transitioning to toothpaste and toothbrush.

🤔What are the best ways of cleaning teeth?

As we all know teeth of baby generally starts emerging teeth after 6 months hence doctors suggest to use little bit of flouride in toothpaste

* brush twice daily: making this habit in toddlers is important .

*Use toothpaste: use only rice or dot size toothpaste for babies

* Brush gently: As babies gums are delicate than adults usage of brush gently is highly recommended.

*replace toothbrush: as soon as bristles look worn out or spaded as it may harm your child.

🤔Why does baby need flouride?

Flouride helps tooth decay by strengthening the enamel.

Note: In general don’t give water to your baby until 6 months hence above article is applicable only for babies above 6 months.

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very informative tips

Very helpful post..

Very helpful

Yes, you mentioned it very correctly, have you started taking care of your baby's gums? Do you do massage or something?

this is really very helpful post dear...

Yes @Khushboo chouhan i have started cleaning mirvaan’s gums and tongue. Also little massage helps him in soothing because his gums have started hardening :)

Thank you all☺️

Really very helpful post

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