Common back pain problems during pregnancy.


Poor posture or excessive standing and bending can trigger back pains..

>Maintain a good posture.

>Avoid bending when pregnant.

>If in case you want to pick something from ground, you can first squat and than pick it up.. Squatting is good for your pelvic muscles too..


Changes in your pelvic area, may increase your back pain during stressful time..

>That's the reason doctors advise not to take stress during pregnancy as it results in complications.

>Try to divert your mind or you can go for walks when stressed out..

>Yoga is the best way to Burst your stress and also for your pregnancy.

✳️Change in Hormones

New hormones allow ligaments to soften and to loosen in preparation for the birth.

>Thats why you experience more pain as days/months pass by.

>Try to stay active, stress free

✳️Center of Gravity

Your center of Gravity changes during pregnancy which means,

Your center of Gravity will move forward as your uterus and baby grows.

>Keep balance stable.

>hold walls or things around to avoid disbalance.

✳️Additional Weight

During pregnancy a woman gains an average of 30-35 pounds of weight.

Your developing pregnancy and baby create an additional weight that your back needs support.

>Keep a check on your calories.

>Avoid junk food

>Eat healthy and balanced diet.

✳️Lack Of Strength

The more you can keep your core and back strength up, the less frequent your pain should be..

>Try different exercises by sitting straight

>Maintain a healthy posture when you sit.. #bbcreatorsclub #bbcreator #lifewithrifa #motherhoodunveiled #acupofmommyhood #BBCreatorsClub #bbcmomstars #pregnany #pregnantmoms #pregnant #preganancytips

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much informative post dear.. thanks for sharing with us...

Much needed. Currently going through back pain 😖

Informative post ..

Informative post

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