Soul food for lactating mothers !!!!!!! Breastfeeding mother are always worried about their milkflow and nourishment for their little hearts, 👨‍👧💓💓 But do we same worried about our own diet?? On which our munchkins are totally dependent????😢😢. My saviour during breastfeeding journey is oats !!! @_saffola_ be it a masala or plain or milk oats, whenever I feel hungry or that #chhotibhukh then boil water or milk add oats and Grab!!!!!! Rich in fiber oats prevent constipation, helps in lactation, good for stomach, and enhance the milkflow👍👍👍 Highly recommend to the breastfeeding mothers👻🙋🙋👩‍👧 #breastfeedingmom #doctormomslife



Such informative post.. 👍👍

great! thanks for sharing dear!

Infiormative 👌

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