Home grown food - Growing your own food at home is like printing your own money!

I haven’t ever been into growing my own vegetables and fruits but always seen a passion of growing them in my mother since very beginning. She loves to home grow her veggies especially tomatoes, beans, zucchini, bottle gourd, green chillis and ladyfingers etc. Nowadays it’s so hard to find chemical and fertiliser-free veggies or fruits. She believes getting them grow at home and eating fresh is something today’s generation needs.

So whenever I come to see my mom, this little girl of mine is so enthusiastic in doing some organic farming at terrace with my mom by gardening, plucking vegetables and forcing me to cook for her. It’s like a daily activity for her to water the plants, pluck the red tomatoes (which she calls it as led led potatoes 😁), ladyfingers are like her daily lunchmate.. she loves to eat fried ladyfingers in her meal.

Simple tips from my mommy to grow your own little farm at home :

✅Do not throw away vegetable peels and leftovers (always grind them into a paste and this can act as a manure).

✅Egg covering is so nutritious for strengthening a plant’s life, so it mustn’t go waste.

✅No excessive watering to plants.

✅Keep them in shallow sunlight.

✅Sow your seeds of fruits and vegetables. (Rather put them into a pot and allow them to grow)

✅Mix the soil in every 2 days a week, to keep it moist.

I would definitely want to have a little farm of myself in future as now I live in a compact apartment so rearing gets difficult in a balcony alone, I’d love to have my kids and I can enjoy some gardening time and eat home grown food in coming years,hopefully.

Do you also grow your own food? Or planning to do so, let me know in comments below!

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This is awesome. I so want to start growing vegetables at home.

Wow... Nice idea

superb post & pic too.. great ideas!

nice tips Sadaf

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